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Why secularists in India are most communal

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Purushottam Kumar
I work in a software company. I have done Computer Engineering and MBA. I am a keen reader of Vedic literature like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and other holy books. I love writing articles and publish it in different forums.

A day before holy, a mob of around 15 people dragged Dr Pankaj Narang from his house in Vikaspuri, Delhi and beat him brutally with iron rods, cricket bats and whatever they could grab. Dr Narang begged the mob which was led by Naseer to forgive him, his wife and his brother in law begged them to spare his life. And while the mob was fearlessly beating Dr Narang, his 9 year old son was witnessing everything.

Dr. Narang died; his brother-in-law was hospitalized suffering injuries while trying to save Dr. Narang’s life. His wife is in shock and his son, now bereft of his father, still may not understand why his father was killed.

The media reported the incident and tried to present it as an incident of “road rage”. Instead of condemning this gruesome murder, many secularists were at pain to explain that this should not be given a communal colour. And soon they forgot the murder and started bashing Hindus blaming them for giving communal angle to a “minor” incident.

Now just imagine if the victim’s name would have been something like Mohammed or James and the mob would have been led by someone called Kailash and the person would have been killed just before Id or Easter then what would have been the discourse in the country today.

Newspaper headlines would have been “Muslim/Christian doctor killed by Hindu mob”. There would have been 24-hour debate in news channels about rising intolerance. Newspapers would have been inundated with editorials and columns bashing Hindus.

But since the victim was a Hindu so India’s famed Hindu bashing secularists called for restraint. But they did not call for caution while reporting incidents when the victims were non Hindus. When Christian nuns were raped in Bengal then the media went hammer and tongs reporting that Hindus were involved. But later it was found that Bangladeshi illegal immigrants were involved.


When there were few cases of minor thefts in churches in Delhi then again the seculars cried loudly that Christians are under attack by Hindus. When Akhlaq was killed by a mob then for weeks and months in news studios and in newspapers it was the hot topic of discussion. The message disseminated was that Muslims in India are under attack.

Arvind Kejriwal who lives just few kilometres from the house of Dr Narang did not have time to visit his house but he immediately rushed to meet Akhlaq’s family members. Rahul Gandhi without any delay went to JNU to stand with those few students and faculty members who participated in the event where anti – India slogans were raised but he did not have time to show sympathy with the family members of Dr Narang.

Hindu bashing secular brigades have mastered the art of filtering out the incidents where Hindus can be portrayed as villains. Any incident even though it may be insignificant is picked up and blown out aggressively. But if the incident involves non Hindus then there is a deadly silence. So we see the killing of RSS members in Kerala is a no news, murder of Prashanth Poojary is silently justified, Malda violence is downplayed.


Their strategy is:

  • If the victim is a non-Hindu and the culprit is a Hindu then show extraordinary outrage and portray that minorities are under attack. Cook stories, spread lies and rumours.
  • If the victim is a Dalit and the perpetrator is a Hindu and non-Dalit then try to show that Hindus are committing atrocities against Dalits. It should be noted that Dalits are also Hindus, the purpose of secularists is to divide the Hindu community.
  • If the victim is a Hindu and the aggressor is a non – Hindu then no one even bothers about the helpless victim. It’s no news for many news channels and newspapers. Some may carry the news but present it as some insignificant news.
  • If the victim is a non-Hindu or Dalit and the culprit is also a non-Hindu or Dalit then again the incident is downplayed.

The Hindu bashing secularists are most communal and have played and are playing a very important role in dividing the Indian society.  There is no denying the fact that no attempt should be made to harm the communal harmony and every attempt should always be made to douse the communal tension. But the question is why it is selective? Why is it that when a non-Hindu is killed then there is outrage but when a Hindu is killed then there is deadly silence?

India will become truly secular only when:

  • Killing of RSS workers in Kerala and murder of Prashant Poojary is reported with same indignation as the murder of Akhlaq.
  • Malda violence is not portrayed as a non-violent protest.
  • Along with Kamlesh Tiwari, who was imprisoned because of using derogatory remark against Prophet Mohammed, those people should also be put behind bars who used derogatory remark against Goddess Durga.
  • No one is allowed to demean Hindu religion. This means that when newspapers like The Hindu publishes cartoon insulting Hanuman and when the same cartoon is re-tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal, then there should be outright condemnation and action as per law.
  • People who chant slogans like “Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jang Rahegi” do not get support from any quarters.
  • People are not ashamed to chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai.’
  • Terrorists and Maoists supporters should not be allowed to flourish in university campuses. The faculty members who mislead the young minds in colleges to speak against India should be flushed out from the colleges.
  • Terrorists like Ishrat Jahan against whom there are ample evidences of being a part of Lashkar-e-Taiba terror outfit should not be shielded just because she is a non-Hindu.
  • Terrorists like Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon, Maqbool Bhat, Ajmal Kasab are not considered martyrs by Hindu bashing secularists.
  • And when an Indian newspaper carries a headline “And they hanged Yakub Memon” then everyone should come together to condemn such anti national reporting.

India will become truly secular only when the Hindu bashing secularists are thoroughly exposed and shamed. All Indians will start living peacefully only when reverse discrimination against the Hindus are stopped and no one is allowed to insult the religious beliefs of any individual including that of the Hindus.

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Purushottam Kumar
I work in a software company. I have done Computer Engineering and MBA. I am a keen reader of Vedic literature like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and other holy books. I love writing articles and publish it in different forums.

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