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Dear “Anti-National” Journalist, I am a Proud Bhakt

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The so-called “eminent journalists” in our country rattled by the sudden uptick in Arnab’s popularity during the JNU row, suddenly started to resort to cheap techniques tried and tested by experts in the past. Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt fired letters publicly to PM Modi almost within a day’s gap announcing that they are Anti-National and Presstitutes, as if we already don’t know that. Realizing that sending letters is not effective enough Ravish Kumar blacked out the screen on his prime time show and basically read out what he and his colleagues were doing for the past 20 years. Their attempt to garner pity and attention has received a lukewarm response.

And as the time flew by everyone was returning to normalcy i.e. Arnab’s incessant shouting, Barkha’s incessant lying and Rajdeep’s incessant rant about secularism. But Arnold Goswami is back with another explosive story #IshratCoverUp in his own style. 143,362 tweets! The number of tweets based on above-mentioned hashtag created by him is record breaking. At least by their standards. 11 ex-NIA and ex-Home Ministry officers have come out with shocking revelations as to how the UPA government covered up the role of a LeT terrorist just to defame Modi. How ridiculous and shameless. And these are the people who talk about Freedom of Expression along with their gang of Presstitutes, Pseudo Secularists, Maoists, Marxists, Award Wapsists, Left wing, Pseudo Intellectuals, their mothers, their sisters, their maids and the list goes on.

The way both these issues were covered in most of the major news channels is deplorable. Instead of reporting the news as to who raised anti national slogans in the JNU campus they cleverly re-directed the issue to the hooligans who created havoc in the Patiala Court House and were taking potshots at the current government for their inaction against them. Okay, I agree that these lawyers need to be prosecuted for the violence but what about the students who raised “ANTI NATIONAL” slogans, you dumb fucks? You cannot seriously believe that normal people like us would not notice this sudden affection for your journalist colleagues and students. You were busy devising your devious plans to bring down Modi when your colleagues were killed in Karnataka or communal riots took place in Malda or a RSS activist was killed by CPI cadres. Oh, I am so sorry. This is what Freedom of Expression is right? You guys are in a mode of denial and in a mode of stupidity. You went to the JNU hostel for a chit chat with the students? How was the nimbu chai? Did you find any condoms there? Why don’t you search for Rahul Gandhi’s brain or your honor there? And aww, just look at you guys airing a 1:1 talk show with Kanhaiya Kumar. These students, who want “Azaadi” from India, tearfully agreed that India is their country after being in the jail for just 20 days and they are being compared to Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Gandhi. Laughable! Kanhaiya Kumar is just a political tool being used by both the BJP and CPI targeting the upcoming elections. He will be abandoned by every political outfit after the elections just like the Intolerant India debate after Bihar elections. So, I strongly suggest you guys start looking out for some other sensational news before these elections end. Arnab Goswami is ready to snatch away whatever little TRP’s you have left.


I am a Bhakt. I believe that the intolerance level in the country did not increase after 2014.

I am a Bhakt. I believe that Yoga has nothing to do with religion.

I am a Bhakt. I believe that terrorism has everything to do with religion.

I am a Bhakt. I believe that Narendra Modi and Co. is the best thing that happened to India.

I am a Bhakt. I believe that Rahul Gandhi is incompetent to run for Prime Minister.

I am a Bhakt. I believe that the only thing Arvind Kejriwal does is whine about Modi.

I am a Bhakt. I believe in the right wing ideology where we perceive all religions to be equal but not the distorted image you have created.

I am a Bhakt. I disagree with a lot of intellectuals blatantly blaming Modi, because their dog did not pee today.

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