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JNU- The fault line of marxist intellectualism.

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Nehru once said, “Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse.” It is ironical that it was Nehru himself who made the joke out of his own belief by putting restrictions upon freedom of speech in 1951.

Since then the left wing, which had been the main political opposition of Congress for first 3 decades of independent India, has made a joke of the rules imposed by the Nehru Government upon freedom of speech. It is Karl Marx’s own belief to suppress anything which comes in the ideology’s way. For Marx, no ideologies matter except communism. So constitution can be ignored. These pro Afzal slogans, hate speech for India, made by educated JNUites are left branded divisive politics. These students are used as a tool by communist leaders. They don’t help research but force ideology through academy.

Marx was a philosopher, philosophy creates ideology. He himself believed that spreading the ideology is important, so do it through academics, and if there is a time of crisis, take whatever means needed, even bloodshed, because once the hold is lost the hardwork of the long time is destroyed. This unfolding crisis at JNU is the outcome of the same fear of getting the hold at the institution lost which was garnered over the years.

JNU was established in 1969, the time when BJP or ABVP didn’t even exist, the political and ideological power was taken over by left leaning politics. Right wing never had even a chance to project ideologies in university, let alone dominating institution.

The university has its own constitution since the day when no one was there to even question the JNUSU as opposition and communist Prakash Karat (Marxist) had contributed exhaustively in the making of constitution.

What can be the chance of fairness with Indian constitution when Marx wants to dominate?

May be a little something to keep nationalistic feelings alive but below marxism. Because left believes in full freedom till the time Marx is not hurt, and if there is a chance of losing ground, there will be monopoly of expression, either using brain or shedding blood, because a fair debate of marxism with nationalism in the particular nation, has great chances of boosting nationalism.

Left branded intellectualism has an enimity with nationalism. Its self approved secularism is just the mirror image of AIMIM’s Asad Owaisi, who claims to stand for common civil code but explains in his speeches his patriarchic mindset.

The left student groups which arranged for such event at JNU were not alone, the left backing of maoists & seperatists were branded for such event. The students who are as called innocent kids by some, can gather such courage to spew venom only when they have no respect for & fear of, state. And not at all love, even if their voice are considered as dissent.

But how can a person, born in India, grew up in India, spew venom about the very same? This can only be done when such ideology is injected as opium in the consciousness of the man. Left do inject this venom in young minds in garb of secularism and liberalism, either by using academy or gun.

And if these hatred by non state actors or are basically outside conspiracy. Left brands this under secular veil, and project as debate. Bengal has been home of such conspiracy where communists did everything to safeguard illegal immigrants of Bangladesh who are still political and ideological assets.

Left intellectualism resides with academics and bloodshed in its both hands. They will maintain debateable environment till their voices are echoed, but when a voice in opposite nature is heard and is fair enough, they shift to mob culture, the events turned out in JNU & now Jadavpur University in kolkata are just exactly communist driven mob culture. Not necessarily bloodbath but hate speeches, road rallies and strikes are also primary tactics of left, means to curb voices.

Left is philosophical but not scientific. Philosophy helps confusion, it confuses between freedom and limitations, science helps arguments, it understands freedom and argues about limitations. So the left cannot understand the corelation of freedom and limitations, non-leftists do.

Science researches for ultimate truth, left is atheist. So they produce philosophers, which in terms of socialism is politics, but they won’t produce science geniuses, who believe in calculation not philosophy.

JNU as an intellectual hub for science and political knowhow with so many big names has contributed less to major scientific achievements but more to political ideologies, with a larger share in left wing, which helps them in maintaining academics leaning in their favour, a tactic which Karl Marx used in every country where communism is present. A development in scientific background destroys communist philosophy because it reduces contribution to ideology. An ideology can be framed using narrative of social events and used for political purposes but scientific arguments cannot be used as political and ideological tool.

Moreover scientific achievements of any institution reduces its dependency on philosophical ideals, which in JNU will cause damage to ruling political elite, as of now, left. Scientific institutions can have political leaning but certainly not ideological leaning, which basically troubles left.

History of breakdowns in JNU is not new, in year 2000, a poetic event was organised and was protested by two army officers for event’s anti India contents. In 2010, DSU & AISA after Dantewada massacare, organised a meeting and celebrated killing of 76 CRPF jawans. In the name of academic debate “India murdabad, maovaad zindabaad” slogans were recited. Whereas the intellectualism in JNU, finds these sloganeering as debate.

Leftism and Jihadism has a lot in common, as jihadis don’t believe in nation theory but believe in Khalifaa, similarly left believe that life is not meant to be controlled by God or nation but only by ideology, specifically marxist. As do jihadis kill for not agreeing with them, similarly leftists kill for opposing their views. These hate sloganeering at JNU campus is simply their nurtured nature, as can be observed by what Karl Marx has been doing in Russia and China.

Marxists kept WB cut away from mainstream India for decades, for they knew the day Bengal is opened towards mainstream India, it would cause them huge political and ideological damage as relevently happened in 2011 WB general elections. It was Jyoti Basu from academy loving marxists who strongly opposed computers in India during Rajeev Gandhi Prime Ministerial tenure. It was Marx who killed nationalism in Bengal, the land which gave nationalist reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Sharat Chandra Chatopaddhyay, and filled in bengalis the biasedness based upon mother tounge.

With nearly 4 decades in JNU, Marx has been able to turn the tables of academy in his favour, although central govt was never Marx leaning, extreme left always faced obstruction, but now with a right leaning very strong govt of nationalists, there is a fear in Marx that his dominance will not only be challenged but can be killed, so there is a shift in his tactics from academics to hate speech at JNU and bloodshed in Kerala in fear of losing political power.

Bengal elections are near, but the power rests in hands of Mamata Banerjee, so refraining from bloodshed they are resting upon hate sloganeering at Jadavpur University. Karl Marx is back with bloodshed & sloganeering to regain power as academy is taking turn at JNU and other institutions.

India is the only extreme democracy with the presence of such extreme communism. Communism breeds in a democracy, in the viel of democracy, using democracy to fight democracy. It believes in totalitarianism, misguiding as secularism. As Nehru had quoted, “I believe democracy to be good because other systems are worse”, so there shall never be place for communism at JNU.

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