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The need to stand up to religious demographic change

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Most people hesitate sharing posts or contents on Facebook or other social media platforms that talk of the religious aspects of politics. Words like ‘Hindu’, ‘Muslim’, and ‘Christian’ make them feel uncomfortable. They feel that talking about religion in the political sense will make them look ‘uncool’, ‘communal’ and ‘aggressive’. In order to look ‘good’ and ‘decent’ among their social circle, they hesitate from sharing such content.

However, religion has been widely and openly used as a political tool since many centuries, both, in India as well as at International level, and this is not a thing of just the past. Check out how changes in the religious demographics of countries like Yugoslavia and Syria destroyed them.

In countries with aggressive and proactive foreign policies, the people in foreign policy departments are taught to study various religions, castes, and tribes around world. They study their history, issues, and pain points. They use this research in their foreign policy to exploit a country’s religious issues for their own political benefits. Take the example of how the ‘caste system’ in the Hindu religion was meticulously studied, distorted, and used to divide the Hindus by the British and now by other powers. On the other hand, in our country we are told not to even talk about religion in the political sense and are fooled by stupid statements like “All religions are the same” and “God is one”.

In India, see how the demography of the country is being systematically changed. North East India, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & many tribal & rural areas are falling to massive, systematic, and organised Christian conversations supported by fake NGOs and evangelical missionaries’ networks. States like Kashmir, West Bengal, Bihar, UP, and many other parts of India are radically Islamized. Also, it is ensured that such a massive change in the religious demographics of the country is never apparent to the national consciousness, failing which people would panic and take a firm stand against it. Even the census is manipulated to suppress the impact of this drastic change in the religious demographics.

This is further supported by complete silence from our ‘secular’ media and ‘secular’ political ecosystem. All this is happening right in front of our eyes. Most of us know this and even experience this in our day-to-day life but we don’t even want to talk about it publically as it will make us look ‘bad’ . So, while religion is used openly for politics, YOU are disarmed from even mentioning it by making you feel guilty of talking about it. The ‘secular’ media sees to it that you continue to feel guilty about talking freely regarding this by giving lectures on secularism and intolerance while they turn a blind eye to such events.

Also “Nothing will happen to me” and “It seems to be a distant possibility” are some of the common justifications for not speaking up. This false sense of security ensures that you don’t do anything to solve the issue. The problem is that NO ONE WANTS TO COME OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE. Once even Kashmiri Pandits might have thought so, and today they are refugees in their own country.

Also, many do care but they expect that SOMEONE will come and save the day for them or that others will do the needful while they will just sit and cheer. Please understand, NO ONE came to save the Kashmiri Pandits or the lacs who were killed around the Indian sub continent in the last 70 years. Similarly, no one is going to come to save you or your family. Each one of you needs to stand up and speak up.

Also, many who care are busy in their day-to-day life, their job, business, social life, kids, and other responsibilities and daily issues and don’t have the time to do anything for this cause. But what they don’t understand is that many of today’s routine problems are the result of the silence of their previous generations. The previous generations didn’t speak up then, so we are facing issues today. For example, ever wondered: if the previous generations would have stood up then, then today, you would not have to face unfair & mindless reservations in education and jobs !! If you don’t speak up today, your children will face more issues tomorrow. Previous generations didn’t have any platform to voice their views. But today, you at least have the internet and social media. No one is expecting you to leave your responsibilities and take to the streets. But at least you can spare few minutes a day to spread the awareness.

So now what is the solution? The first step for solving any problem is to first of all accept that there is one!! Throw away political correctness into the garbage and start calling a spade a spade. Speak up against the way religion is used around for propelling political ideologies.

They don’t have any strength of their own; your inactivity and lack of awareness are their strength. They know that for you, patriotism is just watching patriotic movies and feeling proud on 26th Jan and 15th Aug and that hardly any one of you would be going out of their comfort zone to actually do something about the issue. Also, they are rest assured that for most of us religion is limited to just sharing and liking pictures and quotes of their Swamis, gurus and gods on on Facebook; visiting temples and performing rituals and formalities or religious events rather than leaving our comfort zone and standing up for the religion. No one is telling you to speak against any religion or demean them, but at least stand up for yours’ before it is too late.

Its better to look ‘bad’ than be a sitting duck and make a fool out of yourself. A race that can’t even stand up & speak up for itself, doesn’t have the right to complain later.

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