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Decoding Rising Intolerance till Malda Violence: Perception or Parameters.

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Over the ages this world has sustained itself with both tolerance and intolerance. A world lives basically with peace and war. This is the balance of nature. The major socio-political changes have occurred through war. Indian independence is an excerpt from such changes in the past. One has to understand that intolerance will never be a right word to describe a murder. The recent framework of rising intolerance was all about confusions. Arguments based more upon perceptions rather than parameters.

Few weeks ago Sania Mirza was awarded Khel Ratna….. correction Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna. There was such hue and cry across the social media ranging from logical arguments to abuses and all. On facebook, arguments ranged from Saina Nehwal deserving the award to Sania does not deserves for she is now a Pakistani. It is still debatable whether awarding her was right or wrong, FYI a Para athlete H.N. Girisha had challenged govt’s decision to award Sania Mirza The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna. And Karnataka High Court had found the challenge substantive.

But why such hue and cry on social media or anywhere? Well because it is the indian feeling in heart which wants nothing to go wrong. There were not many who provided logical parameters for judging who deserved the award, rather most of them framed their argument based upon their perception. Of course they were making their opinion. But opinions are framed either upon parameters or perceptions. And perception leads to deception if not based upon correct parameters.

The concern is not here Sania or award, but the rising intolerance debate which seems to be confusing the nation. But why do we debate a months old topic now? Well, since the debate is over it is a good time to analyze the whole issue. Moreover when there is also a Malda incident being ignored by the left liberal section.

The semblance of whole intolerance issue began with Indira Gandhi’s cousin Nayantara Sahgal returning her award and questioning, rather blaming the hindutva ideology. It lasted for more than a month, with many awards being returned and severe criticism of #awardwapsi and not to forget those mind blowing statements made by our beloved Badshah and Mr. Perfectionist. Though none of them gave any substantial parameter about rising intolerance.

But one has to understand that such hue and cry was of course enough to agitate the country to go into the retaliation mode and ultimately rise of intolerance in the nation to defend its integrity. All thanks to our intellectuals. And perhaps that was the only reason why such semblance was imposed in the nation just at the mouth of Bihar elections. What is intolerance? It is still not defined though!

The problem with such hue and cry is that it creates perception among the masses about a particular subject. In this case it was rising intolerance which eventually died due to mass retaliation upon social media. The point is that the debate was beautifully crafted by our intellectuals. Murders are barbarism, it is wrong to call them as intolerance but the barbaric acts of Dadri, Dabholkar and Kalburgi murders were crafted nicely by phrase ‘acts of intolerance’ eventually finalizing the term rising intolerance. For instance, based upon above events, compare the two terms…. “Rising barbarism in the country” and “Rising intolerance in the country”, if they would have used the prior term then their arguments would have had drowned in the sea on the very first day, never to be found.

Nitin Pai, with the twitter handle @acorn, discovered a good term “coercive majoritarianism” instead of rising intolerance. But the thing is if there would have had been any coercive majoritarianism in the nation then we would have become like Pakistan because RSS was always a well supported organization, so to create anarchy it would not need to wait for being in power. Pakistan, Iraq, KSA are perfect examples to be studied, and by the way the rate at which minorities have grown in country, itself defies the argument, and if someone argues subjecting to these stray incidents like Dadri or Dabholkar then I think these sort of murders took place in the past as well, so why term them as rising intolerance or coercive majoritarianism now? Only to defame the Government?

Moreover coercive majoritarianism is subjective term, subject to the variations in the demographic structure even in a very small group of neighborhood. The Kashmiri Pundits exodus is a real example of coercive majoritarianism. Assam riots were real examples of such coercive majoritarianism. And now the Malda violence, which is being deliberately ignored by our MSM and the leftists who are perhaps waiting for a death in Malda, to return their awards in protest of so called minority’s coerced majoritarianism. However in Dadri, if majoritarianism was the idea of murder, then why would one person be killed? Why not burn up the whole family or the entire community there? It was just a matter of law & order which became the victim of appeasement and vote bank. There is nothing called as rising of coercive majortarianism. It is all just vague perception.

And if someone says that intolerance is all about ideology, then the fact is that the ideology must be brought into action to create a sense of despondency in the country. Malda violence is that one incident which is the proof of substantive action being brought about on the ground about the ideology of local majoritarianism.

I still wonder though, why the UP Government was not at all targeted in case of Dadri! Anyways, if there is still something left in your perception of rising intolerance, then how come that all of a sudden everything is quiet now? Even after Malda violence? I mean, rising intolerance is something like inflation which would continue to rise and arguments would come forth every other day and media would howl and shout about any incident being taking place. But now no one speaks anything, no reporting of any such barbaric incident, nothing. How now the rising intolerance and protective intellectual messiahs have suddenly VANISHED!

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