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Yamuna Mission : Collective team effort towards Clean Yamuna

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As we all know, India is a country where largest percentage of population involved in farming. So, we all can understand the importance of cleaning rivers for agricultural purpose. In the same view; “Yamuna Mission” team initiated mega cleaning effort of river Yamuna & Ghats as well as massive plantation.

Each & everyone responsible for stability/instability of earth, so its responsibility of everyone to take some initiatives to assure clean & green earth.

Current status of river Yamuna along with ghats; before cleaning effort people use to drop/throw the waste in this. Today, no one can even imagine that this is same place, now they enjoy sitting at ghats with fresh air generated after massive plantation. This place is converted into a “Incredible India” place now.

Ramneti, Gokul: Plantation effort by team members resulting-in now as small plants now growing & making environment clean & green. We encourage everyone to plant more for clean & green environment.



Krishna Yamuna Ghat: After cleaning efforts, volunteers making every possible effort to assure proper growth of planted trees. Iron wire fencing to protect plants from animals near Krishna Yamuna ghat in Mathura.


Krishna Ganga Ghat: Plantation of Banana trees along Yamuna ghat; by the team members to assure proper balance in environment, in future.


Karshri Kund Govardhan filled up with fresh water after cleaning effort. two images shows the difference (first one before cleaning & another one after refilling fresh water). Every week team change the water & refill fresh water to avid any kind of harm.



One of oldest ghats at Mathura is “Chakrateerth Ghat” but this remain neglected for long time. Finally, hard work of team members changed the look and feel of ghat & its present with now glory in front of us today. People started visiting the place & spending time there.


To assure beauty around plants, team working continuously on “Chakrateerth to Swami Ghat marg”


The road is under construction on back side of Dhobi ghat in Mathura to connect Chakrateerth to Swami Ghat.


Continuous in-flow of waste stopped underground water-flow of river Yamuna, which lead to flood with a small amount of rain. To solve this problem, team started in-depth cleaning of river Yamuna & effort resulting-in to a clean water with proper underground flow.


Work in progress on route “Swami Ghat to Kans Kila”. Construction of the route will help pilgrims.


To assure unstoppable flow & cleanliness of river Yamuna, team members making their best possible efforts. Lets join hands to make this a grand success & achieve the milestone of “Swachh Bharat”.

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