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What are “intellectuals” doing? Fighting intolerance or stereotyping Indians?

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OK without rambling around unnecessarily I’ll get to the point- “INTOLERANCE”

This growing intolerance in our country is so mysterious, evading that everyone except a common individual (be he/she of any religion or region) going about their everyday routine of earning hard earned livelihood can see it. Only a single shade of elites (be it in politics, art, literature, academics or journalism) have the eye to see it.

And as one barely is able to see faults in him/herself for sure the reason a common individual like me who’s roaming around with a Sikh and Muslim friend in the middle of a overcrowded streets in a city in India where people of almost every religion is going about their ways without caring less about the religion of other in their interactions, can’t see ourselves and our country getting intolerant as it is we who have become intolerant. Who else they address when they say India has become intolerant? (What is India if not its common people?)

And as only a person (or group of such individuals) who doesn’t mingle with us the common toiling Indian and stays standing far away can see and appraise this fault of intolerance in us as we are not enlightened enough to see our own faults.

May be the reason why even after so much intolerance (which makes these elites feel unsafe in country), everyone instead of going about their day is not breaking into a rage and spontaneously killing and attacking each other is because mutual intolerances cancels out.

Taking this further,

Is questioning criticizing or logically refuting some one’s biased irrational claims, intolerance (not including the blatant direct verbal abuse and name calling)?

Should one silently get labelled as anything these so called elite intellectuals say without giving any factual background. Doesn’t one have the right to ask the basis of such brazen statements. And if one do asks, then one becomes intolerant as they claim?

That’s like “chit bhi meri pat bhi mari

I don’t support the personal abuses and attacks on Aamir in the tone that he should be thankful for what this same country which he’s calling intolerant has made him because he didn’t force anyone to spend money watching his movies.

But my point by calling the country intolerant, it is actually the common man who’s only concern is to get a living out of the day gets pointed as intolerant and is made to share the burden of guilt with the actual culprits. And we all know how bad generalizations and stereotyping can get it won’t hurt the actual culprits but the common individual who has nothing to do with is gets needlessly mingled.

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