Sachin Bansal is right, the “Award Wapsi” brigade should listen to him

As a back lash to the statement made by Aamir Khan on the issue of rising intolerance in India, people of India downgraded the SnapDeal’s app rating and approx 30,000 apps were uninstalled within 1 day. Demanding removal of Aamir Khan, who happens to be its Brand Ambassador at the moment.

SanpDeal has issued a very politically correct statement and distanced it self from Aamir Khan’s fiasco saying, “Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity.”

Mr. Sachin Bansal, CEO of Flipkart, India’s biggest online ecommerce website and SnapDeal’s arch rival, came out in support of SnapDeal and tweeted that “This is a flawed logic. Brands dont buy into brand ambassadors personal opinions. Snapdeal shouldnt face this”.

Sachin Bansal

Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal

Though, I myself had uninstalled SanpDeal’s app supporting #AppWapasi, now I may “reinstall the SnapDeal App” because Mr. Bansal indeed has a very strong point. SnapDeal only renders services from Aamir Khan and other than that there is nothing that it has done wrong.

But, if we look at the bigger picture of Mr. Bansal’s statement, it gives a perfect answer to the writers who are returning their awards and why they should not do that and in fact should humbly accept it back.

The answer is simple, their awards are for the writing work that they have done and the intolerance is not due to the noble profession they practice.

Like people are doing #AppWapasi of the SnapDeal’s app due to Aamir Khan being associated with it, are the writers doing #AwardWapasi because Sahitya Kala Academy is spreading Intolerance?

If the logic of #AppWapasi is flawed due to the fact that SnapDeal is altogether a different entity just rendering Aamir Khan’s popularity, how can one justify #AwardWapasi due to rising intolerance when they both are altogether different entities?

Writers are considered to be people with high intellect and creativity, but returning an award that was bestowed upon them due to their profession, for something that is not related to their profession at all seems like having tea when you want water.

Instead of #AwardWapasi, writers should have used their writing skills and written directly to the government or should have written directly to people urging them to control themselves and use mind in every situation, which would have increased the harmony.

Their act not only proved to be an act of foolish, but also divided the nation in two parts, one supporting #AwardWapasi and another not. Resulting in more fight and debates, which resulted in rise of intolerance, which they did not want to happen in first place.

I am ready for #TakeAppBack as I understand the mistake that we are committing. Are writers ready to finally show their intellect and #TakeAwardBack?

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