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3 years of AAP – the birth, the rise and the fall

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बचपन में इक कहानी पढी थी खड़गसिंह और बाबा भारती की। जब बाबा भारती का घोड़ा खड़गसिंह इक बिमार का भेष बना छीन लेता है तो बाबा भारती ने केवल यह कहा कि इस घटना को किसी के सामने प्रकट न करना। लोगों को यदि इस घटना का पता चला तो वे दीन-दुखियों पर विश्वास न करेंगे।

Aug 2011-75 year old man started a movement pledged to start a fast unto death until anti corruption legislation is passed.We saw truth in his eyes and a determination to fight. We believed in his every word. Why not? A 75 year old fighting on behalf of all of us. We joined the movement. We protested going against authorities, taking leaves from our school, colleges and workplaces (paid, unpaid). Disheartened by corrupt government,ineffective opposition and more importantly cunning politicians and black politics. We saw a hope.We wanted to send a message that we will no longer “tolerate” this.

13 days in fast government agrees to demand, fast called off. We felt victorious. Besides Anna there were his 2 main satraps – Kiran bedi maam and then you yourself Arvind. We admired you all for forcing the government to be on negotiation table to prepare a draft. But all celebrations soon vanished when one day you came out with news that government back-stabbed. We all were disappointed but team Anna wasn’t. You all were ready for second round of battle, battle with one more hunger strike. Government was unmoved. No response. We all were anxious for a diabetic man on hunger strike who was ready to die for nation.

Arvind Kejriwal
You were once my hero

Government was still mute. Then one day you declared that Government is not listening. So you are considering to give a political alternative. People expressed shock for this sudden u-turn as during this whole period of movement you claimed to be apolitical. Some said that your hunger strike was staged to announce political party (2012 one). I said it doesn’t matter if it was staged, I believe in you and you have right intentions and so nothing wrong in being political.

Anna and Bedi maam refused to join your party but I expressed faith. You fought elections and formed government with support of Congress. Your supporters who voted you for your anti Congress plank were dismayed. But I knew the difference between outside support and coalition government, I knew its political necessity but my only concern was that you were too immature to be in government. My view was that you should spend a term in opposition benches to learn about governance and government. My concerns proved right, within a week of government formation you were on a street with dharna and in another couple of weeks you resigned from government and then came your failed gamble of fighting Lok Sabha elections.

It seemed that you lost the track but then you apologised for your mistakes. It was first time we saw a politician admitting his mistake.We were amused. We wholeheartedly voted you again to a power, this time with overwhelming majority. But that proved to be our blunder.

You started to fumble from very first moment. From defending the indefensible Tomar, to charges of irregularities in elections levelled by your own companions. What have you done for it? Instead of acting on complaints you shot the messenger. The violence in the meeting of national council of AAP and subsequent removal of Yogender Yadav and Prashant bhushan in most undemocratic way was black day in history of a party who claimed to be a party based on internal democracy.

My confidence was shaken but not shattered even after that because what a government will do was more important for me than how party was working. But there were certain silver lining-a budget well focussed on education and health, CAG Audit against power discoms. But that silver line was very bleak. You seemed to be loosing your focus. A man who was voted to power for his positive promises seemed to attract everything negative.

Instead of focusing on Delhi governance you kept criticising Modi and his policies. Every platform that was Anti-Modi you were eager to join it,without giving a thought whether as a CM it was ethical for you to take part in it? You failed to draw a line between Arvind as party convener and Arvind as a CM. Then one unfortunate day you announced support to Nitish alliance. It was shocking as Lalu was part of same alliance. You could have supported any XYZ, I wouldn’t had objected so much. But Lalu is proved corrupt and you were voted in, on single issue of Anti-Corruption.

I was hoping that you will realise your mistake until last week when you were seen embracing Lalu and please don’t make excuses like it was just courtesy call. We are not fools. We know what joining hands in political platform means. It seemed that all through these 5 years it was all drama,you were acting perfectly playing with public emotions to fulfil your selfish motives.

Now back to story of Khadak Singh and Baba Bharti. I ask you one question.What is biggest crime against humanity? I say killing a hope. A hope that was once created by you has been killed by you. Now will anyone believe in any mass agitation? Will anyone believe in candidate if he will claim that he is there to change politics? You have shattered hope, hope of the people who believed that politics will change in India.

But don’t be in illusion Arvind sir, fooled by public support like previous governments. Public may not speak or agitate but it responds and responds in every 5 year.It will respond to you also, for breaking promises,making fools and speaking lies. And yes I know, it will start hoping again and not only hoping but will start acting this time.

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