Saturday, September 18, 2021


Opposition against Narendra Modi

Your vote is for politics of survival & revival of dynast or for the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas?

India will be torn into bits and pieces if opposition takes charge in 2019.

Why Bharat bandh sponsored by the dynast failed

People are now able to distinguish between genuine and politically motivated protests.

Meaning of word ‘discipline’ in the dictionary of opposition is ‘autocracy’- Know why

Opposition wants to do anything and everything under the term 'Freedom of Expression' & 'Freedom of Speech'.

If not Modi govt; no other govt can fulfill the dreams of Indians

While PM is working hard to develop India, the reckless opposition parties are working overtime to derail the task for their family and dynasty to develop.

Mahagathbandhan feasibility and Congress’ fate

The MGB opposition seems winning anywhere between 110-120 seats. Read how.

This is how Sonia Gandhi led Congress preparing for the 2019 elections

Sonia Gandhi would not only divide Indian society based on hatred but would have international influence too, to fight Modi in2019.

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