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Good Governance

Report Card of Modi Government: An objective mid-term review

Government has taken concrete steps to improve areas like Infrastructure Development, Sanitation, Electrification and Financial Inclusion. While social sectors like Education, Healthcare and Environment seem to be overlooked.

Narendra Modi and the “Contrast Effect”- will it benefit him ?

Gujarat was resurrected by Narendra Modi over a period of 12 and a half years, a period which he got due to the favourable contrast effects as already mentioned in the article,

When a “joke” by Shashi Tharoor mocking Modi government backfired on Twitter

Tharoor tried to playdown achievements of two years of Modi government, but he got trolled.

Addressing NPA problem of Indian Banks – right approach by Modi Government

Why Modi government is on right track on banking issues.

Why Mr. Modi is still the best bet

For all its flaws, we have to keep faith in this Government

Reimagining Free India

For India to grow and achieve her potential, we must look beyond governments and seek to change the way we think and behave.

Is BJP really a “Right-Wing” Party?

Indian Right Wing is one of the most misinterpreted terms

Why we need more ministers like Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal to push the reforms agenda

Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal share a commonality which provided them an access to political circles.

Reforms by Modi govt must show its effect on ground and soon enough

People need to see change in their daily lives or else results like Bihar could become a norm?

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