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Tushar Kansal

Tushar Kansal has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India where he raised more than USD 2.5 billion complex structured debt from International and Indian Banks. He launched the startup in end-2014, prior to which he served as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of DLI (Distribution Logistics Infrastructure), owned by Guggenheim; a USD 200 billion American Private Equity (PE) Fund. He is a B.Tech (Textiles), MBA (Financial Management) from University of Delhi and Google AdWords/ Analytics Certified. Tushar blogs at, tweets @TusharKansal & publishes relevant news on the right-wing Facebook page

Addressing NPA problem of Indian Banks – right approach by Modi Government

Why Modi government is on right track on banking issues.

Excess supply in Indian Real Estate – Correct way forward

Indian Real Estate till now has been den of worst practices. Way forward is for price reduction & coming in of FDI to complete projects timely.

20 quick reform suggestions to PMO, Modi Government

Twenty areas where Modi government should focus for quick reforms

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