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A 10 point guide to being called an ‘Eminent Intellectual’ in India

Opposing Narendra Modi and addressing his supporters as Bhakts, give you the ‘escape Velocity’ to be termed as a ‘free-thinking,’ unbiased, intellectual, liberal in India.

लिबटार्ड मित्र करवायें राहु दोष का निवारण

आजकल लिबटार्ट मित्रों को बहुत परेशानी हो रही है, तो मैं भी परेशान हूं।

How the so-called liberals and media attacked my personal life for my tweet

Attempt to misinform the public about OROP must be resisted. I tried to do just that, and faced the wrath of hate-brigade

परजीवी उदारवादी

The parasitic liberals of India

Open letter to Anurag Kashyap over attacking Modi on Twitter

Anurag blamed Modi for some cinema owners deciding to not release movies starring Pak artists. I support him.

Global Indians and their discomfort with nationalism?

A critique on the phenomenon of Global Indians

A conversation between a liberal son and his mother

A conversation between a mother and a son to draw parallel between a nation and a citizen

Indian elite liberals have declared a Cultural Jihad against people they don’t like

A response to Kanti Bajpai’s editorial Blog in The Times of India dated 27th Feb 2016

On his death anniversary, Rahul Gandhi killed Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress

The love for Mahatma Gandhi shown by Adarsh Liberals is fake. Baput doesn't fit into their "dea of India"

Much Ado About Shani

Its time to stop superstitious beliefs

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