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Book review- The Battle for IITs by Rajiv Malhotra

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To put it simply IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) is under siege. To put it radically the meritocracy-educational complex in India is being assassinated by the dismantlers aka the scholars and academicians at IVY League Universities most notably Harvard to suit their own socio-cultural agenda. The book highlights how beneath the mask of social justice and human rights Indian Institutions of Excellence most particularly IIT are being showered with grenades of wrongful accusations pertaining to castism and racism.

The Battle for IITs serves as an outstanding and one of it’s kind toolkit to combat the legal, and social implications of this attack faced by IITiens specifically abroad like in the Silicon Valley which has become a host and experimental ground for IVY League Woke machinery to perpetuate their skewed and bigoted narrative on Indian Institute of Technology and what they as an fundamental Institution of Excellence represent India as a society on the whole. This book is a follow up of the widely popular treatise – Snakes in the Ganga. Battle For IITs focuses solely on American propaganda and project to tear down IITs and other institutions of meritocracy in India by demeaning and trumping up these institutions as echo chambers of casteism. This concoction of a slew of lies has fomented a fourfold accusation on the IITs –

  1. 1) IIT is the machinery Upper Castes use to encash their Caste Capital (Merit)
  2. 2) IITs are systematically biased where caste determines social trajectories and students from reservation categories face elimination.
  3. 3) IIT exam and curriculum is reproducing caste hierarchies in India
  4. 4) A distorted image of IITians working in Silicon Valley is carved out blaming them for sidelining lower caste contemporaries.

The Battle for IITs also sought to analyze that how in the backdrop of anti-racism movements in America, Theories such as the Critical Race Theory are being propounded in academic circles. This is deeply concerning because it is using the issue of caste in India as a foundation and a scapegoat for the operation of racism in American. These vicious attacks on Indian Educational Institutions is being manifested in IITs and other merit- based institutes by none other than our Indigenous institutions like Ashoka University and Delhi School of economics. They run workshops and offer scholarships with the motive of redefining merit and indoctrinating it’s students into applying Marxist framework on Indian society and institutions.

One might wonder what ramifications such Harvard led attacks will have upon Non – IITiens and why should they be concerned. Because in clear and concise language – Meritocracy matters and any and every Indian who believes in Merit, an unbiased vetting process for getting admissions in such institutions of excellence and the legacy of our imminent institutions which are sustained by Indian resources and Indian initiative should take this seriously. We need to ride at dawn and stand up for our Nation ‘s institutions because they’re testament to our greatness and development .    

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