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‘She’ empowerment

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Since centuries ‘she’ is regarded physically weak, socially backward and kept economically deprived. In Patriarchal society ‘she’ became victim of male dominance in both public and private sphere and was allowed to take their own decisions.

When women have the autonomy and choice to make their own decisions they are empowered because they have no right of decision making, they have endured hardship over the years. Women became more aware of their influence as times changed. The movement for women’s emancipation got underway then.

All women must however keep in mind that EMPOWERMENT is something that must be earned rather than given to them. Women must also think they are capable of making significant decisions in their lives and being able to follow through with those decisions.

Why ‘She’ Empowerment

The word “women emancipation” has different connotations today. Giving women equal rights in all the spheres— Personal, Social, Economic, Political, Legal and so forth means empowering them to make choices about their lives and careers. When it comes to explaining why we require it, we still have a ways to go. All around the world, almost all nations nearly every civilization regardless of how progressive or growing have past of mistreating women.

South Asian countries especially India still lag behind in terms of Women’s empowerment while Western Nations continue to advance. Women under Patriarchal society have been rebellious throughout history to achieve the position they do today.

Unlike western countries India is still among countries where women are not secure this is due to following reasons — Patriarchy or Patriarchal mind-set , dowry death, violence and discrimination, delayed punishments, Additionally women are married at young age and cannot pursue higher education and sad reality is several women pursue higher education just to avoid marriages, Men deny them any independence or opportunity to leave the house.

Ways To Go

We can see how important women’s emancipation is today. We must give these women the tools they need to stand up for themselves and avoid becoming victims of unfairness. It is not simple because despite some people making Women’s empowerment a reality, for the majority of people it is still uncharted terrain.

As a community we must recognise the progress that has been made in balancing the gender equality and recognise the reasons that Why this fight is overrated. The fact that empowering women today result in a more growing and liberal society tomorrow should serve as our inspiration as we examine any debate about gender equality.

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