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Bhindranwale 2.0 Pakistan’s desperate attempts to destabilize India?

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ISI Funded Efforts for destabilization of India:

Amrit Pal Singh Sandhu, the Khalistan activist who is so-called “Waris Punjab De” a social organization by Actor Deep Sidhu. After Sidhu died in an accident On 15th Feb 2022, on 4th March 2022 was made leader of the organization. Surprisingly Deep Sidhu’s brother said he was equally shocked by how he was made the leader of Waris Punjab De. “Nothing to do with Amritpal and our family. We Don’t agree with Amritpal’s ideology of starting a “war against the government for a separate homeland for Sikhs”. He said. “It is a surprise to us on how he was made Waris Punjab De leader” He added.

Another fascination is that Intelligence officials say he went to Georgia before coming to India from Dubai. He even says he follows Bhindranwale’s path.

He however was seen with a haircut and without turban in his Dubai selfies breaking rules of Sikh and he wants to be the leader of Sikhs. As Bhindranwale, he is also targeting Hindus in Punjab.

The Deep Sidhu’s Family doesn’t know how he was made leader of Waris Punjab De. According to officials he went to Georgia before coming to India from Dubai, he deleted his Instagram and twitter accounts. Came unknowingly to India nowhere even related to Waris Punjab De before seems even suspicious.

This is also similar story of radicalistic activist Bhindranwale who was supported by congress and also the ISI. Congress supported for votes and ISI to bleed India. He attacked Hindus and Hindu supporting Sikhs downing Gurudwaras and Demanded Khalistan. However larger portion of Punjab was divided to Pakistan in 1947 but no Khalistani activist demands that portion also. And say “Sikhs are safer in Pakistan than India”. But the reality shows another picture.

Pakistan Sikhs Struggle:-

Credits And Sources:- Reuters

Attacks happen on Sikhs by “radical Islamists” in Pakistan and no charges against them. Sikhs in Pakistan struggle there for living but Khalistan supporters don’t even react on killings of Sikhs in Pakistan where most of the respected Sikh community leaders were born.


Even after Pakistani Sikhs raise their voice, there voice is suppressed by both Pakistan and International Sikh Community as their “Khalistan narrative gets spoiled”.

This shows that the Khalistan movement is ISI funded and International Sikh Community does not even care about their Own Pakistani Brother Sikhs.

Why is Pakistan doing it?

Pakistan may have numerous reasons but main reason as per geopolitical analysists is “Ego”. They cannot believe that India which was a poor, destabilized and struggling is now well developing, stabilized and fastest growing economies and Pakistan whereas on the other hand was doing well and because of political Instability lost its economy, support in one word Pakistan can be called ‘Destabilized’. Dying with jealousy maybe they are desperate to see destabilized India.

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