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Book review- Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0

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Once in a generation, a book comes along that has the possibility of changing the course of a civilization. Snakes in the Ganga is one such book. India is reeling under pressure from persistent attacks on its ancient culture and civilization. These attacks are well coordinated, funded, and orchestrated from international locations and use Indians to exploit lines in India. This book highlights While this level of inconspicuous threats is dangerous for any country, it creates perhaps the greatest threat to a country like India which comprises a significant diversity of identities and hence the greatest scope for social disruption.

Rajiv Malhotra is one of the civilizational studies intellectuals I personally find very provocative and profound. This treatise on the break India forces is one of the most expert-driven analyses of how the ecosystem of break India works. 

These negative forces are infiltrating India’s institutions and polluting them with toxins. Snakes in the Ganga provides a balanced view and connects the dots between how Marxism is being reformulated and repackaged into ideological systems like Critical Race Theory or wokeism and explains how this narrative is used to myopically examine caste, Muslim grievances, gender, and LGBTQ issues.

The book also explains the new academic frameworks and discourse being developed in places like Harvard University that have sinister intentions toward India. It will convince readers to confront their colonized conditioning as colonization has taken a different shade in today’s modern world with open adulation of everything American,the good,the bad, and the ugly. Therefore it’s no surprise that their social movements get mirrored in India irrespective of whether they are relevant or not. The role of Ivy League Universities like Harvard and how they capitalize on this and come up with theories to paint India as the origin of all social and political problems of the west.

The Paramount objective of snakes in the Ganga is to promote and propagate the interests of real India and that to direct our attention to all the forces conspiring against the national sovereignty and prosperity of our great nation. In this book, he has not only questioned Indians about the forces inimical to India’s interest but has exposed the strength and spread of these networks and their capacity to influence.

This book calls on the initiative that India’s grand narrative has to be built on sound foundations with honest research, genuine love for the nation, and a deep and comprehensive sense of the ethos of our ancient civilization. I promise you that skimming through the pages of this path-breaking book oozing with decades worth of research will be like opening throwing the window and letting the light of knowledge and awareness penetrate through the minds of our nation‘s people and awaken them from their colonial stupor so that make use proactive methods to combat the break India force.


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