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Periods talk and the need to normalize it

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Menstruation has always been a topic of deliberation in all households and societies. This is especially so in an Asian society where it is usually frowned upon as a taboo. In India, not allowing girls to go to the temple to not letting them into their own kitchen when they are on periods are just some ways that curb not only the availability of better hygiene products but also the knowledge regarding the same. The lack of knowledge results in the formation of more such myths which create an environment of misconceptions and hatred toward oneself.

As per UNICEF every month around 1.8 million people across the world menstruate. It is not just the women that get periods but also many transgenders who have it.  The majority of such people aren’t only deprived of safe menstrual products but also the already existing stigmas, stereotypes, and other social ethos bar them from accessing the same openly.

I am Kritika Aggarwal, a social entrepreneur working with HAMARI PAHCHAAN NGO to help reduce the same. The NGO was founded in 2015 by a very commendable person Mr. Tarun Mathur. The initiative to him was not just a one-day effort but born through various realizations and experiences he gained and suffered through. The existing social evils like poverty, rape, and the inability of many women to take their own stand because of the prevalent mindset led him to start the initiative. He created many projects like SUKHAD (Menstrual well-being), DHRISHTI(Education), and many other Skill development programs to help women uplift themselves in society.

Through this I not only learned about various skills like crowdfunding, designing posters and content, etc but also learned about various issues that exist and things that need to be normalized like the cause of Menstruation that I am working upon. The NGO is not just limited to women but also other underprivileged classes that need help, support, and a chance to uplift themselves out of the shackles the society has placed on them. Thus here at the NGO, it’s not just other people who were helped through this initiative but also me who grew up as a person.

BY- Kritika Aggarwal

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