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A brief report on murderous Love Jihad in India

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A Hindu girl Hina Talreja of Allahabad married her Muslim boyfriend Adnan Khan in 2015. Later Adnan married another woman. The relationship between Hina and Adnan became sour. In 2017 Adnan let Hina to be gang raped by his two friends in front of him and then shot her dead.

In October 2018, a Hindu aspiring model girl Mansi Dixit from Mumbai was murdered by photographer Syed Muzammil as she refused sexual attempts from his side.

In 2019 one Shakib posed as Hindu boy and trapped a Hindu girl Ekta Deshwal in love. Ekta stole ornament worth about rupees 25 lakhs from her house at the behest of Shakib and eloped with him. But when Shakib’s religious identity was revealed, Ekta refused to stay with him. Shakib then murdered Ekta in Meerut (UP).

In 2019 another Hindu aspiring model girl, Khushi Parihar, was brutally murdered by her Muslim boyfriend Ashraf Sheikh in Nagpur on suspension about her character.

In June 2020, a Dalit Hindu girl Shivani (a Tik Tok celebrity) from Haryana was murdered by her Muslim neighbor Arif for refusing his proposal for Niqah.

In October 2020 a twenty-year old Hindu girl Nikita Tomar of Faridabad was shot dead by a Muslim boy Tauseef for her refusal to convert to Islam and marry him.

In 2021 Diksha Mishra, a Hindu separated married woman, was murdered by her Muslim boyfriend Emraan in Nainital, UP. Emraan was known to Diksha as Rishabh Tiwari.

In another 2021 case, a Hindu girl Antima from Kota, Rajasthan was murdered in broad day light by her drunkard and abusive Muslim husband Imran who also sold her for prostitution in Goa sometime back, from where she escaped and returned home.

In May 2022 a Dalit Hindu girl Shraddha from Maharashtra was murdered by her live-in Muslim partner Aftab in Delhi. He then cut her dead body in 35 pieces and dispersed those over a period of next 18 days in the jungles of Mehruli. This gruesome murder came to light after six months on 10 November 2022.

In August 2022 a Hindu girl, Ankita Kumari, of Jharkhand was set ablaze by her Muslim neighbour Shahrukh Hussain for rejecting his advances. Ankita Kumari died after a few days.

On 20 November 2022, Mohammed Shariq murdered 18 years old Hindu girl Mamta in Chandigarh. Shariq was a married person and from Bihar. But he wanted to establish relation with Mamta. When Mamta and her mother refused Shariq, he murdered Mamta.

The list goes on and on. This is a partial narrative of last few years only. There have all along been similar cases in India where Hindu girls lost their lives in violent manner under Love Jihad. The actual intensity and spread of problem are many folds more, as there remains a great number of such cases which are unreported, suppressed or locally settled.

There is no reason to believe that these are recent developments after Modi-led BJP came to power in India in 2014. Such heinous crime has been a part of Shantidoot society in India since AD 1206, when Delhi Sultanate was established. Sexual violation, forced conversion and murder of Kafir (Hindu) girls/women by Shantidoots are sanctified in their Asmani Kitab. Such deplorable crime can also guarantee their entry into Islamic Paradise after death. Stupid MK Gandhi, in twentieth century India, justified this crime by Shantidoots in Moplah riots.

After independence of India in 1947 all ruling parties, particularly Congress, started suppressing news of such incidences. It is only recently, because of revival of Hindu Civilizational Pride, that Hindus have come to know about such murderous Love Jihad through social media only. The main-stream media (print and electronic) of India are still un-willing to report such crimes of Shantidoots.

Ranita Indic, author at Trunicle observes (some editing is done by present author), “What is common in all these situations? It is always the Hindu girl who is murdered and it is always the Shantidoot boy who is the brutal and remorseless murderer.

What is the secret behind the Shantidoots encouraged aggression despite the example of arrests? He knows that arrest is temporary and he will be set free by the courts as System To Unka Hai. Money will also pour in from his community members to fight the court case. Further the leftist-Woke-Islamist ecosystem and media will paint him as the victim and Indian film will whitewash his crime by portraying the Hindu girl as evil, – all because System To Unka Hai.

However, if by a remote chance a Hindu were the tormentor, then the same ecosystem, using their fake activists and propaganda mills like the media and others, will bring the world to a standstill screaming of Hindu Terror against minority Muslims in India. The Indian Hindus are so helpless that they can’t even openly spread awareness on Love Jihad, because the courts won’t permit them to do so on the grounds of protecting the minority community.

This way more and more Abduls will keep on enticing more and more Hindu girls with their charm and our stupid Bong films of 2022 like Ghare Pherar Gaan and Bismillah will keep promoting Love Jihad so that naive Hindu girls will continue to fall head over heels for those Abduls, despite being aware (and sometimes unaware) of the bloodied record of their buddies.”

Pedo had made all Shantidoots of the world same. Kafir women remain sex objects to them only to be sexually and physically abused and murdered at any time, in any place and by any cruel means.

At international level, the cabal of The Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Harvard University, Ford Foundation and the senile George Soros has been accusing Indian Hindus 24×7 for some imaginary persecution of Shantidoots. The cabal is so shameless that it refuses to see, inter alia, this specific type of violence on Hindu girls by Shantidoots in India, which reflects the general picture of the country.

In UK, the proportion of Shantidoots among all convicted criminals is 15 percent, while their population proportion is 5 percent only. The picture is same in all other European countries and USA. There is no reason to believe that in India the situation will be any

The ideology of the above-mentioned cabal is Wokeism. It is a psycho-socio-political colonialism of twenty-first-century West. Wokeism is defined as the behavior and attitudes of people who are sensitive to social and political injustice. But this sensitiveness is mostly imaginary in nature or biased. In a nut shell, Wokeism is anti-truth, anti-fact, anarchic, violent and disruptive in essence. Like Communism, it thrives on and flourishes with propaganda only.

India also has its share of the followers of Wokeism. Thus, in case of India, the situation of Love Jihad is more disturbing because of double trouble from the followers of Wokeism and Tukde Tukde Gang. These two complimentary gangs of India refuse to accept the religious identity and motivation, when the perpetrator of crime is a Shantidoot boy and victim is a Hindu girl. Even when a Dalit Hindu girl becomes victim of Love Jihad and murdered, all the so-called Dalit Activists of India go into hibernation. Indian Hindus must unite and beat these evil forces into pulp now.

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