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Hijacking Rajaraja Cholan

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You need evidence to establish the truth, while a lie survives on confusion”.

This line from the Tamil movie Thani Oruvan aptly suits the current controversy surrounding Raja Raja Cholan’s religion.

The fabricated controversy around Rajaraja Cholan’s religion has only served as a catalyst for further Hindu consolidation in Tamil Nadu. The Dravidian Movement supported by the British back then, is fading and losing ground today. Director Vetri Maaran’s statement and Kamal Haasan’s support for the same is nothing but a reflection of the aforementioned events, exposing the desperation of the ecosystem to hold ground.

Annamalai’s rise as TN BJP Chief coupled with Hindu Consolidation has drawn the nation’s attention towards the politics of TN. Several issues which weren’t covered on National Television previously are gathering importance today. Therefore, the propaganda finally stands exposed by intellectuals from their respective fields. In this case it was Sri Dushyanth Sridhar, a Vedic Scholar, who refuted certain claims regarding Rajaraja Cholan’s religious identity by quoting from scriptures and inscriptions.

TN politics is undergoing a massive change currently due to the growth of the BJP under Annamalai’s tenure as TN BJP Chief. And this is just a beginning given the run-up to the 2024 LS Elections and 2024 State Elections with much more to come!

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