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Dr Shashi Tharoor & Indian Muslims

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It was about one hundred years back (1919-1924) that Muslims of British India launched a nation-wide mass agitation and protest, called Khilafat Movement, in support of continuation of the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate of Turkey. It was a vigorous support from Indian Muslims for an Islamic cause, the centre of which was located more than 4000 KMs away from India.

Without detailing about Gandhi’s obsession of dragging Indian Hindus in the Islamic Khilafat Movement and the extensive massacre, rape, forced-conversion and property destruction of Malabal Hindus by Moplah Muslims, as a fall out of the movement, the inherent extra-national allegiance of Indian Muslims was loud and clear. That was no fluke or one-time incident. The teaching of Islam binds together all Muslims of the world for all times to come. National boundary has been irrelevant to Muslims.

Today, not only Dr Shashi Tharoor and the likes of him refuse to accept this fact, but they also actively support Indian Muslims to stick to that mind-set in the name of pluralism. Their support for anti-CAA agitation of Indian Muslims, and remaining silent on Delhi riot (2020), Hijab issue and Sar Tan Se Juda programme are proofs to that effect.

No Indian Muslim has anything to do with CAA. But, when the likes of Dr Shashi Tharoor support anti-CAA agitation of Indian Muslims, they directly approve a wrong Muslim cause. It is a known fact that millions of illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims are residing in India and Indian Muslims want to settle them in India to push Islamic hegemony in the country. Hence Indian Muslims are fiercely against NRC. The silence of Dr Shashi Tharoor in Hijab and Sar Tan Se Juda issues allows him to put Sharia ahead of the Indian Constitution.

Even a dull student of history of India’s independence movement knows that 99 percent of Muslims of today’s India and Bangladesh were staunch and violent supporters for creation of Islamic Pakistan. Muslim League, which was spearheading the Pakistan demand, was weak in Sindh, Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. However, after partition of British India, about 30 million of Muslims, who fell inside independent India, did not migrate to Islamic Pakistan they created.

So, when Dr Shashi Tharoor claims that those Muslims of British India who wanted to create Islamic Pakistan had left India for that country, he tells a gross lie to deceive the Hindus of India. Funnily enough, descendants of those 30 million of Muslims now claim that they are Indians by choice. What a grand deception!

Dr Ambedkar in his book Pakistan or the Partition of India said “the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his, but on the faith to which he belongs”. But nothing brings doubt in the mind of Hindu intellectuals like Dr Shashi Tharoor against Indian Muslims. They think that one Abul Kalam Azad, one Zakir Hussain or one Asaf Ali could explain the overall picture of post 1947.

Independent India accepted the Parliamentary system of democracy of Britain. Indian constitution was adopted within two and a half years of independence. But when the state religion of Britain was Christianity, what prompted Indian Constitution makers not to have any state religion for India? This wisdom of Indian Constitution makers becomes doubly questionable in the face of creation of Islamic Pakistan next door.

When India got independence, there were dozens of countries across the world with Islam as state religion. Pakistan was the latest addition to that list. The violent demand for Islamic Pakistan crystallized gradually in British India after the Khilafat Movement, though its seed was sown in 1866 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in Meerut, India. One may blame Savarkar to his heart’s fill for instigating two nation theory, but historically Muslims have been practicing Momin-Kafir and Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb concepts socially and politically.

Between 1954 and 2011, Indian Muslims got Waqf Act, Hajj subsidy, Central Waqf Council, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Minority Institution status to AMU, National Commission for Minorities, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Sachar Committee, Ministry of Minority affairs and Minority Institution status to Jamia Milia Islamia. But still, we face Islamic problems in India as those were in the 1940s. If this is so, then what for Pakistan was created? Dr Shashi Tharoor must reflect deeply.

In the West ‘Secularism’ means separation of religion and state. But in India it strangely means Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava, that is, all religions are same. This concept has two basic flaws. Firstly, Dharma and Religion are not synonymous. And secondly, under Islam this concept is Shirk for equating other Gods with Allah. Shirk is a very serious crime in Islam and punishable by death. Thus 42nd Constitutional amendment of India has put all the burden of secularism on the shoulder of Indian Hindus.

Again Article 25 of Indian Constitution entitles all persons to preach practice and propagate their respective religions. This Article also goes against the interest of the majority community of Indian Hindus, as fundamentally Hinduism has no concept of evangelism (Dawah in Islam) and conversion. This Article keeps on helping Islam and Christianity for active and continued conversion activities in India.

On examination, it can be said with certainty that current Islamic problems in India are the gifts of the descendants of those 30 million of Muslims, who did not migrate to Pakistan after 1947 but carried on with their Pakistani DNA in India. There current population is about 220 million. The fault-line between Indian Muslims and Hindus has widened further because of the weird secular nature of Indian Constitution as stated above, as well as, unnecessary pampering of Muslim community by Congress-Left and all so-called Secular Regional political parties. All those political parties consciously helped Indian Muslims to cultivate their Muslim identity and keep on demanding more and more of Islamic Pound of flesh from India in assertive way.

For Indian Muslims, it has been “heads (Pakistan) we win, tails (Bangladesh) you lose and the coin (India) belongs to us” till 2014. After that, Hindu civilizational revival came to the forefront of India’s politics under the Modi led BJP. This disturbed the never-ending honeymoon of Congress-Left-Secular-Islamist gang of India. The gang lost all its intellectual and physical entitlement and started crying Intolerance and Nazi-Hindutva etc.

Dr Shashi Tharoor started looking at the gloomy future of ‘Secular India’ in the form of Hindu Pakistan. But he failed to see thousands of mini-Pakistan those have already raised heads across India. The recent (September 2022) nation-wide NIA raids of PFI offices and arrest of its hundreds of members from different parts of India have objectively unearthed PFI’s audacious plan to convert India into an Islamic Nation by 2047, that is, exactly after one hundred years of independence of the country. Besides, Dr Shashi Tharoor knows well that dozens of Jihadi cells and groups are active in different parts of India. But he prefers to remain silent on those to push his misplaced Hindu Pakistan narrative.

Dr Shashi Tharoor and likes of him are not only ignorant about the Islamic teachings and Momin-Kafir relation under Islam, but they are still under the influence of British colonial mind-set. Self-loathing, civilizational and religious, is their forte. They know that there is 126 Christian, 57 Muslim, 7 Buddhist and one Jewish countries in the world. But they get intellectually mad at the prospect of one Hindu country of India in the whole world. Aspiration of one billion plus Hindus does not make any sense to the likes of him.

They are wilfully unaware that secularism is antithesis of Islam. It is astonishing that in case of Indian Muslims, Dr Shashi Tharoor is highly comfortable with OIC, that is, “Organization of Islamic Countries (Co-operation)”, but he develops extreme uneasiness at the prospect of only one Hindu country of India. This OIC notoriously helped Indian Muslims in the recent Nupur Sharma incident.

In democracy, the head-count matters most. In 1947, Muslims constituted about 9 percent of India’s population. Now they are about 18 percent. If there is no resistance through Hindutva, India will be Muslim majority country in next one hundred years in normal course. Jammu Kashmir is a burning example of what can happen to Hindus in a Muslim majority state within secular India.

Kerala, Assam and West Bengal have already started showing the signs and symptoms of substantial Muslim population. But Shashi Tharoor still thinks that his anti-Hindutva Gospel will lead Indian Muslims and Hindus to the pinnacle of secularism. What a Joke!

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