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PM Modi has lost a dear friend and the world lost a clairvoyant and Pacifist.

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.

On Friday the land of the rising sun was under the twilight when their risen sun, the ex-prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated while addressing an election campaign in Nara City, leaving the world aghast and blue.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted after the demise of ex-prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe….. In the passing away of Mr. Abe, Japan, and the world have lost a great visionary. And, I have lost a dear friend.
A tribute to my friend Abe San… ~PM of India.

PM Modi has dedicated not only one tweet but multiple, demonstrating how crucial Shinzo was to him. Their friendship dates back much before Modi became prime minister, Modi was one of three whom Shinzo followed on Twitter then. PM Modi has jotted down a well-dedicated article recalling his liaison and remembrances with Shinzo Abe. https://www.narendramodi.in/my-friend-abe-san

A well-born farseeing leader who served the cause

Japan will change. Let’s create a country where innovation is constantly happening, giving birth to new industries to lead the world, when I visit Silicon Valley I want to think about how we can make Silicon Valley’s ways and make them work in Japan.

                                                   ~ Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe was born with a silver spoon but died living in mud houses. He was the third-generation political leader in his family. His grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was prime minister (1957-60), while his father Shintaro Abe was a foreign minister (1982-86). He has vouched and contributed to Japan’s exponential progress. It wasn’t a cakewalk for a country to sit on a high pedestal that had faced a drastic nuclear attack on two of its cities.

He was the longest-serving post-war Prime Minister in Japan having served two terms from 2006-2007 and then from 2012 to 2020. Serving for such a long period in a country where the average stint of a prime minister never exceeded 2 years is plausible. India was like a second home for him, his multiple trips to India like no other leader had, were a living example of rapport between India and Abe.

Japan is cursed by Nature, the bulk of the land is hilly and non-cultivating, and sitting on the pacific ring fire, earthquakes, and pertained disasters are not unnatural to the Japanese. There are numerous countries like India endowed by Nature but still haven’t concocted the technology conducive for its usage. Japan, on the other hand, veered its priority to technological ambit through favorable economic steps and created a favorable ground for private companies and enterprises. All these technological feats were at their zenith during Shinzo’s political epoch. His economic prototype – Abenomics was a turbo to an already running economic engine of Japan.

What is Abenomics?

Abenomics refers to the economic policies implemented by the Government of Japan led by the Liberal Democratic Party since the December 2012 general election. They are named after Shinzō Abe, who served a second stint as Prime Minister of Japan from 2012 to 2020.

The fundamental vision behind this was to wipe out the conservative cocoon from Japan through the lens of economic reform. Abe is often called out as a visionary leader. This man was far ahead of his time, his idea of a free and open Indo-Pacific and the idea of Quad is a glaring example that he was well informed of the Chinese expansion strategy.

In his historic speech to the Indian Parliament in 2007, he talked about the “confluence of the two seas” – the Indian and the Pacific Ocean,broader Asia and common democratic virtues.

He admired Indian culture, and for that reason, he gave a loan at minimal interest for the re-establishment of Nalanda University (an ancient Indian knowledge center of learning Indic culture) which was destroyed by the Islamic tyrant Bakhtiyar Khilji.

India is ever indebted to Japan for its support in the technological, infrastructural, and developmental spheres. There are very few trusty allies of India, especially in the east, therefore, the demise of Shinzo Abe is more than a loss, it’s a loss of partnership, rapport, wisdom, and leadership.

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.
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