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‘The Kashmir Files’ & the JNU Professor

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The character Radhika Menon in the movie The Kashmir Files is real representation of Professor Nivedita Menon of JNU. Nivedita Menon has been a prominent member of Tukde Tukde Gang and instigated her students to fight for freedom of Kashmir. In the movie she is seen to sing the Islamic song Hum Dekhenge of Pakistani poet Fiaz Ahmad Faiz. The infamous Islamic song includes, inter alia, lines like:

Jab arz-e-khuda ke kaabe se, sab boot uthwaaey jaayebge,

Hum ahl-elsafaa mardood-e-haram, Masnad pe bithaaey jaayenge

These lines in English mean, “When from the abode of Khuda’s Kaaba, all idols will be removed, then we the faithful, who are debarred from sacred place will be placed in the royal seat.”

There are at least two more sets of such lines, which are exclusive in content and spirit as per the teachings of Islam. One has to search in Google tenaciously to get the complete lyrics of the song with English translation.

The anti-idolatry message of the song and its other such contents do not bother the JNU professor Nivedita Menon. Why she and likes of her can’t find xenophobia of Islam ingrained in that song? There is a reason to make this point.  

If the said anti-Hindu lines of the song are allegorical, so do the lines of our National Song Vande Mataram. But Indian Muslims refuse to sing Vande Mataram for being anti-Islam. Even in the Madrasas of India, our National Anthem is not sung for being against the belief of Islam. And likes of Nivedita Menon again support Indian Muslim in such situations.

The bottom line is Nivedita Menon instigates her leftist and secular Hindu students to encourage the Indian Muslims to practice heads I win, tails you lose principle. We have such an evil Professor in JNU.     

If someone wants to have some more insight into the brain of this evil woman, the YouTube video link ( can be visited. In the video, Nivedita Menon is seen to address a small closed group, probably of her students. She is calling the Hindu society as most violent in the world. But she does not give historical examples of violence in Hindu society and it’s the national and international ramifications.

In the video, Nivedita Menon is seen bubbling with excitement, frothing at the corners of her mouth with aggression. If Hindu society were so violent, how can it exist for thousands of years? Even eight hundred years of brutal Islamic aggression fails to obliterate the Hindu society. Nivedita Menon is a big time liar, who has been peddling her anti-Hindu and anti-India propaganda only. She is less of a Professor and more of an evil, violent and disruptive Communist woman.

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