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Lord Krishna’s wisdom for the uncertain times

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1. Life is like a dark tunnel where we often find ourselves trapped during arduous circumstances. During such times it feels that there’s no escaping it. However, it is at these times that hope must be kept alive to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You must persevere and keep moving forward to emerge victorious in the end.

2. Have you arisen before dawn? Have you noticed that just before dawn the night appears to be the darkest? So it is with life. Often when the first ray of light is on the verge of dispelling darkness (read misery) we tend to give up and succumb to our adversities. Before you give up, remind yourself that as the night is darkest just before dawn, good times are on their way, if only you display a little more patience and choose to hang on.

3. In the gruesome battle of Mahabharata that spanned eighteen days, it was Me who fired the most potent of weapons; it was Me who got killed; it was Me who emerged victorious; it was Me who lost too. The infinitesimal spark within everyone is none other than Me. If I’m life; I’m death too.

4. Just as the blessings of a happy mother are sure to be fulfilled; likewise the curse of an unhappy mother too cannot go futile. The universe conspires to bring to fruition both blessings and curse of a mother.

5. We all are bestowed with that one best friend who can never desert us, yet sadly we often fail to recognize this loyal friend. Stand in front of a mirror and ask the reflection you see that would you be doing what you currently are, even if today was to be your last day? Even if you do not get an answer, you’ll get a new direction (to lead your life) for sure. Yes, none can be a better friend to you than you yourself.

6. Every Karma is Action but every Action is not Karma. An action performed desiring fruit of that action becomes our Karma and we’ve to then reap its effects — good or bad. Thus, to escape the cause & effect cycle of Karmic Law, renounce the fruit of action and dedicate every action you perform unto Me.

7. The human body is by far the most complex of all creation; yet understanding the underlying complexity makes life simple. Nature created pair of ears but only one tongue. There’s a hidden life lesson behind, which says, one must hear twice as much as one speaks. Always remember, excessive talking invites destruction.

8. Whenever power isn’t backed by the sense of responsibility, power will always lead to destruction. The destruction of the Yadu clan will remain a fine example of the same, for generations to come.

9. We’re all born to accomplish a purpose, however once the purpose has been accomplished, it’s imperative for us to leave, otherwise our presence begins to disrupt the balance of creation. Thus, one who’s born must eventually taste death too.

10. True valour lies in forgiveness and not in revenge.

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