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Netaji #125

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It does not matter who amongst us will live to see India free, we are confident that India shall be free, and we shall give our all to make her free” were the words echoed by the Indian icon before he mysteriously died/disappeared. A few days back a foreign news media reporter Lauren Frayer looked at a dirty American train station and said how it reminisced her of India. Indeed today India is still seen by the world as a poor, third world feudal society by many in the west. So what did we lack post independence? In my opinion we lacked fearless leadership. Someone who won’t be afraid to take the route of ruthless determination and sacrifice for the country.

Maybe we need a Netaji. The man who was bold enough to shake that evil monsters Hitlers hand for liberation of India. Someone who was willing to join forces with the cruel Imperial Japanese Army to spark a revolution in South Asia. So which political party can claim his legacy. Answer is none. His fallout with the Congress Party is well known. His deep criticism of the Hindu mahasabha still annoys folks in the BJP. He was disowned by the Muslim league and referred to as Tojo’s dog by the communists. So can the fascists claim him then.

The answer is a no here as well. They can’t claim him either. He was a fervent critic of Adolf Hitler and the Japanese imperialists and had many Jewish friends in Germany. His life tells us that putting nation above self is the ultimate, right from the day of quitting the ICS to quitting Congress Presidentship. He could have led a lavish life in his luxurious Elgin road home, hobnobbed with the Congress leaders to become the first PM of India. But no? He chose to forge his own path and do whatever it takes to liberate his motherland.  

He engaged with all the foreign powers from the British, the Soviets, the Germans and the Japanese on his own terms. Perhaps that’s why his death would forever mysterious to his countrymen because nothing else would symbolise a more cathartic end to the life he led.

Jai Hind!

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