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Christianity, conversion & Jharkhand

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It is believed that Jesus was crucified there in 33CE (Jerusalem), and soon after those 11 remaining disciples were picked by lots; to decide, where they would go to spread the word of Christ. One of the apostles was ST. Thomas, who picked India, came through the route via the Mediterranean Sea – the Red sea – the Arabian Sea to Kerala. Here he started preaching and spreading Christianity, his preaching was popular as Thomas’s Christianity till 1653. Then Christianity again divided into many sects.

In 1572, ST. Xavier came to India with his army, not to trade with India but to forcefully sell the product called Christianity, the story of Goa – inquisition reveals the pathetic drama of this religion. Dharma-Nyayalaya were made across India, if not converted; direct Death Penalty. In Pondicherry alone, 60 temples were destroyed under the Xavier regime, even today one can witness, that there is Hath-Katra (Hand cutting) Stambh in Pondicherry, innocent people were thrashed by this heartless person.

“Our mission is to convert the non-believers into believers“: Bible

Wherever the so-called (Fathers) promoters of Christianity went they did, the mass conversion, violence, butchered people in like anything. Their lust for converting people to Christianity is much harsher & brutal than even Islamists. The world saw how the 3 Great civilizations of (Rome, Yunan & Maya) were ethnically cleansed in a couple of centuries by these conversion conspirators. During the late 15th century, when Columbus discovered America (USA) there were 80 lakhs Red Indians, what is their number today?! The number is zero (0), yes there are no natives red Indians left, all people living over there are either migrated ones or converted ones.

The same is the story of Latin American countries, this club of 20 countries witnessed around 800 lakhs killing in just a span of 600-700 years in the name of a religion: which is the torchbearer of Peace in the world. Where are the native & original people of Australia? What about the African continent? Hitler is the latest (Right winger of Christianity) example of brutality & what a Christian can do for his religion. He killed around 60 lakhs Jews (Yehudi’s) in a tiny period. Just because it is a belief that Christ was murdered by Jews (Yehudi’s.) Rome library was burned, great Galileo was killed just because his findings were different from the preaching & beliefs of the bible. Witch-hunting; in the span of 300 years (1450-1750) around 3 lakh women were killed. The way these women were murdered is very horrifying, they were thrown in boiling oil, live-fire, gas chambers, etc.

In past, many a time, for all these inhumane conducts by Christians, The Pope of the Vatican requested for pardon and accepted these all were sins done against humanity.

Jharkhand & Conversion

Christian missionaries arrived in today’s Jharkhand in 1865. As per the 2011 census of India, the majority are in Simdega district followed by Khunti. [2011 – 1418608 (4.30%)]

Various Cases of forceful conversion

October 2013: Ara village

Ram Singh Kujur & his wife Shashikala Minz reconverted into Hindu after 7 years of their conversion on blind faith & luring tactic of missionaries.

July 2018: Nirmal Hriday (Ranchi)

Missionaries of charity embroiled in the “infant-sale” scandal. Nun (Sister Cornelia) confessed to selling as many as 4 infants. The scandal story came out when city police arrested a nun, who had been accused by a businessman from UP for selling him an infant in exchange for a little over Rs 1 lakh.

March 2021; Garhwa District

181 Christian converted in Garhwa district, performed Gharwapsi to tribal Sarna religion. Dharma Jagran and tribal Suraksha Manch organized the Saraedih village tribal conference for the return of the Sarna tribals. The tribal who returned back to the Sarna religion fold said, their ancestors had converted to Christianity because of the inducements offered by the missionaries. The tribal region in India has long been afflicted by the menace of rampant Christian proselytization.

June 2021: Torpa (Khunti District)

A missionary pastor, who was actively involved in conversion activities in Raisimla village in khunti (Torpa Tehsil) was driven away by Sarna villagers. Villagers accused the pastor for luring innocent villagers & converting them to Christianity.  Villagers gave the famous slogan

“Sarna Ko Bachana Hai, Issai Ko Bhagana Hai

Conversion during lockdown

14 gram-panchayats, 106 villages got converted into Christianity (majority). This news was covered by prints and digital media channels, but they (missionaries) succeed in their goal. The biggest tool used by them was “Rice-bag diplomacy”; poor villagers, unemployed youth, daily-wage earners were targeted. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) raise the voice and also protested digitally.

Great Work being done

Ekal Abhiyaan & Shri Hari Satsang Samiti

These social organizations are working directly towards the grass-loot level, by connecting the tribal to the mainstream path & making them aware of their past, so they will not get converted in any scenario. They have revived storytellers in the village on Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. About 3500 poets have joined this initiative & visiting village to village.

An inspiring journey of Robert Solomon; the story of the Christian preacher, who became a Pracharak of RSS.

He came to India, to convert the Indians, basically tribals into Christianity from Indonesia. But after knowing & understanding the Sanatan-Dharam, he dropped the motive for which landed in India & later on join the Rashtriya Swayam sewak Sangh (RSS). He also adopted a Hindu name, Suman Kumar. He is currently the Organizational Secretary of Hindu Jagran Manch (Bihar-Jharkhand).

In 2004 Suman had started his real fight with the church, Chhota-Nagpur was badly affected by the mass conversion of Tribals in Christianity. He convinced tribals of Gumla/Khunti/Simdega about their conversion. The strategy of unification of Sanatan & Sarna was successful to a great extent since 8000 tribal who had converted in the past returned to their religion. His contribution & immense hard work in tribal areas will be remembered & it will be an inspiring story for generations to come. His work is still going on, Jharkhand will definitely get sure success in “Ghar-Wapsi” in coming near future.

Swami Vivekananda said on Conversion; that every single conversion to Christianity is an enemy for India.

Birsa Munda:  a savior of Hindu & Hindu – culture against the attack from the Christian missionaries in the late 19th century.

Swami Shardhananda was the ideal of “Ghar-Wapsi “, he was first to talk about the reconversion in India.


In recent times “Return back to roots” campaign is increasing and is duly supported and flagged up by social organizations such as Arya Samaj, Vanvashi Ashrams, Ram Krishna Mission, etc.

Some Affirmative steps were taken up by individuals & social organizations to stop conversion & efforts were made for reconversions as well.

For all those (tribals) who converted to Christianity, their reservation rights provided by the constitution should be forfeited. These affiliated Christians should not be given two-way benefits. An Anti-conversion bill must be brought in. The propagating activity must be limited to the church. In Article-25 of the Indian constitution, there should be a change in wordings of; propagating must be differentiated from inducement-based conversion, and it should be harshly punished.

The drugs & magic remedies act 1954, must be applied to Christian healings. Claims of miraculous healing must be made punishable offense (example “Holy-Water”).

Tourist visa brings money & also do conversion activity; their expenditure account should be audited & checked. Confession box, counselling should be done (Male for Male) & (Female for Female), it will stop sexual harassment, because there have been several instances when the male counsellors, have many a time blackmailed females after their confession & molested them or used the confessions to get their way.

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