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India’s contributions and the world’s coincidence with innocence and conceit

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India, despite being a nation full of architectural marvels, scientific discoveries/inventions and exuberant philosophers, is ignored by the world’s masses, which also includes India’s populace, but what’s behind the stereotypical articulation of India, is what makes us exasperated and flabbergasted. Since the beginning of the modern, Cold War Era, India had been known as the ‘most spiritual country’ on this planet, but, the sentence is followed by sneering and stereotypical description of the nation’s people, like the quotidian and uncivilized description of Indian people as ‘tribal people’ or stone-age ‘animals’, but little did these politically exploited ignorami know that India is filled with marvels of architecture, literature and science, let alone the acknowledgment of post golden-age India’s scholars, like Jagadish Chandra Bose, and not to forget Narinder Singh Kapany, who, despite being an Indian-American, was and Indian by origin.

The Contributions:

India is no stranger to contributions, but definitely a stranger to simpletons who blatantly state India has done nothing good for the world, when talking about India’s contributions.

India, is known very commonly for the invention of Zero (0), and plastic and cataract surgery, from Aryabhatta and Sushruta respectively, but it should be known for many things, like the Janapadas, which were realms, republics, also delineated separately as ‘Ganapadas’ for republics and kingdoms during the Vedic period of India, another invention was of the passport, which was articulated in the Arthashastra, and the financial spectrum, where India had conceptualized the ‘cheque’ which was employed in the Maurya Empire.

And in the field of communication, India had made its contributions by the invention of the crescograph, crystal detector and other Inventions, of which the crescograph and the crystal detector were invented by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

India is home to multifarious temples, though some have been vandalized, India has many temples which have such technological leaps, that often, these temples are known as ‘hotbeds’ for people who have interest in architectural mysteries, there are more examples of Indian architectural marvels, and one archetype is the Iron Pillar of Delhi, one resilient example of Indian metallurgy, it is known for its high resistance against corrosion.

Another point to note, despite the fact that India’s contributions are much in number, they are equal to “nothing” for the average “western” person on the Internet who claims that the Indian society is “uncivilized” on his/her keyboard in an exasperated manner, this shows the world’s first instance or example of ‘Coincidence of Innocence and Conceit’.

Though I have not articulated each and every contribution of India, these can help to prove some people’s preconceptions wrong.

The Nation, that we all know as India, or by some people as ‘Bharat’, is actually, from the view of Indophobic people, a land of ‘unsophisticated’ people, who somehow eventually become the ‘lords and guardian angels’ on learning websites, whenever you want learn something, especially around the fields of academics and software engineering, once again, a stereotype, but a welcome one, because, they actually realize the true help that we extend out to them as not only a gesture of humanity, but as our profession, instead of calling Indians as “curry creatures” or something unsophisticated, the tables do turn a lot, those who call us ‘unsophisticated’, are, from the inside, unsophisticated, though dissembled by a ‘sophisticated’, ‘civilized’ and ‘posh’ persona, now, I am calling this as a mere ‘persona’, because, the original idea of Indophobia is to have not only an anti-Indian sentiment, but to spread it for obvious reasons, by obvious people and others who are confused with criticism and straight up propaganda.


India contributed a lot, with the people coming from various communities, irrespective of any sect. After all, they are all the “Children of India’s Omnipresent Soul”. But what makes India exuberantly exceptional is the fact that all its discoveries or inventions remain hidden from the masses, and with more to be revealed. India’s true beauty, with relation with its discoveries and inventions, lies within its secrecy, which is quite remarkable, at the same time, camouflaged by the image of a third-world country which is on its way to become developed, is itself, sufficient to prove two things, the innocence or the carelessness of the world, specifically those who call themselves “scholars”, and points out the social structure of India, those who say that India has done nothing aside from the Number System and Zero despite knowing themselves that India has done more than that, usually praising the countries which once ruled this land, unlawfully. But what makes India truly beautiful is its situation of ‘hidden in plain sight’, and the people who, support the verbal degradation of India’s true image from the back door.

Readers May Note That All Excerpts And Bits Of Information Are From Verified Sources None Of These Are Stated Blatantly By Me, Unlike The Average Indophobe, Who Aimlessly Criticizes India For Being Truly Beautiful, Unlike Their ‘Civilized’ Mindset…

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