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Vaccination Story

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We are all familiar with the adage “Failure is an Orphan; Success is a bastard”. However, in India we are witnessing a conceited and concerted effort to prove the adage wrong. Political parties, media and social media activists are in cahoots in this effort.

Yes. I am talking about the Covid 19 vaccination success story that is unfolding in India. It remains an orphan even though it is a runaway success story.

To start with India had ahead a start in in the manufacture of Covidshied vaccine. Next came the approval for the indigenously developed Covaxin vaccine. While skeptics were raising hue and cry about trials, data and transparency, cost and distribution the manufacturing was ramped up.

Distribution logistics were worked out. The Cowin App was developed and rolled out successfully. Till date it has monitored all aspects of vaccine production, distribution, doses administered etc.

Not a single soul wants to support this success story.

As on date 61 crores doses have been administered. Nearly 14 crore people have fully vaccinated and 33 crores have had a single dose. This is 50% of the adult population eligible for vaccination. At this rate we will end up with 45 crore people fully vaccinated and 50 crore people with single dose by 31/12/21. This covers the entire eligible population!

There is every possibility of more vaccines being approved and increased production and hence we may achieve full vaccination of the entire eligible population before 31/12/21.

This is no mean achievement and is an outstanding example of how both the Central and all State Governments have plated their part in unison and deserve to be complemented. And not to forget the health care workers who have been in the forefront of administering vaccines tirelessly all these days without fatigue or complaints.

No doubt there have been a few lapses by way of wastages, pilferage etc. Compared to the overall numbers these lapses fade into insignificance.

Hats off to every single person involved in this mammoth exercise. One hopes and waits in anticipation for this success to make international headlines. Till such time it remains an ORPHAN.

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