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UCC: A continuous reminder

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Once again the debate in the country about Uniform civil code rose few days ago after the Delhi High court backed Uniform civil code and asked the centre to take necessary steps to implement it. It’s not the first time courts have asked the centre to bring Uniform civil code in the country. From the Shah Bano case of 1985 to ABC vs the state of 2015 to Jose Paul Coutinho vs Maria Luisa case of 2019, courts have repeatedly asked the government to not run away from their responsibility and implement UCC, but sadly because of the pursuit of Muslim vote bank no government has able to develop a spine to bring UCC so far.

Uniform civil code is a colonial legacy left behind by the Britishers. Not only it is under the Directive principles of State policy of constitution but also important for women empowerment (mainly of Muslim women). It is also necessary to bring true secularism in the country and get rid of the pseudo secularism with some of the political parties shows. The running away from implementing Uniform civil code by the political parties which are in the left of the political spectrum, clearly shows their anti Hindu bias. After the remark of the Delhi High court, Kirori Lal Meena and Ravi Kishan both MPs from BJP presented a private members bill on Uniform civil code and population control. The Delhi High court stirred controversy.

Islamic fanatics started to raise their voice against Uniform civil code. We can find many Islamic fanatics and Islamic fundamentalists started to glorify Sharia law openly after the Delhi High court incident, which clearly shows the mood of a particular community. The bringing of Uniform civil code will mean the banning of polygamy. As per the Muslim personal law, a Muslim man can have more than one spouse, but after coming of Uniform civil code ,the Muslim man will be entitled to have only one wife. The Uniform civil code will bring uniformity in the child marriage act, and the age for marriage of a girl or a boy will become equal for every community and the Muslim community will not be able to get away from it.

Uniform civil code will also give adoption right to all, and will give guardianship rights to Muslim women after divorce.Even after the concept of Uniform civil code is clearly mentioned in the directive principles of State policy and also is asked by the Indian courts to implement several times, still some political parties are standing against Uniform civil code which clearly shows their Muslim appeasement politics and their anti-Hindu stand. Moreover, neither the churches nor mosques are under state control but only Hindu temples.

What does it tell about our so called “secular political parties”? Is the Indian state really secular?Uniform civil code is the need of the hour to get rid of the anti Hindu bias and to crush the muslim appeasement in India and to get away from “Rajiv Gandhi” syndrome. UCC is what India demands!

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