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The new heros of Bharat

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Whether it’s Neeraj or Mirabai or PV Sindhu are real heroes, who have raised the themselves from the ground finding their way out to the top. They have got their name on the top with hardwork.

Not the Urduwood Bollywoodian portrayed themselves as heroes, they always tried to portray themselves as culturally uprooted and so called modern and secular and bring to minds of people that the very culture of this land, the Bharatiya sanskriti is worthless.

When you see real heroes like Neeraj or Sindhu or Mirabai or Bajrang or Ravi Dahiya, they are all culturally connected to their roots to the Bhartiya culture and Sanatan Dharma. People are have started recognizing the real heroes, the ones who have risen from the soil and started identifying the duplicity of fake Bollywoodians and their acts.

In the fear that people might join the ones connected to the soils, the so called secular, liberal and self proclaimed feminist have started abusing people like Neeraj and Mirabai.
The left labels anyone and everyone Sanghi or Bhakt who is culturally connected to Bharatiya sanskriti.

Well they are not bad names to address.

Finally people will notice that they can become PV Sindhu or Neeraj Chopra, they are from the commoners and even at the top connected to the roots. This is a potential in all of them to become what they truly want to become, and not imitating the salves of other culture.

The left needs to understand that this is not USA here and their cancel culture won’t work, in fact it seems now that it is backfiring on them.

The far we are from the degenerative wokeism culture, it’s better for Bharat.

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