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How MK. Stalin’s DMK government meddling into Hindu religious affairs

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Kiran is a blogger and columnist. He has a passion in history and law ..

Within 6 months of coming into power, left ideological DMK Government in Tamil Nadu has swiftly implemented a policy to meddle into Hindu religious matters by allowing language as a choice in 47 Hindu temples. Back in 1960’s DMK government in Tamil Nadu had implemented several Anti Hindi and Anti Sanskrit propaganda and polarized the Tamil community in the name of language.

It is well known that entire Hindu transcripts and religious texts were written in Sanskrit. Interestingly, the oldest text known to the world is Hindu text Rig Veda which is in Sanskrit language. As DMK government introduced Tamil prayer option in Tamil Nadu Hindu temples; Hindu believers are questioning the intent behind the language based prayer overriding the default Sanskrit hymns and its over reach into Hindu religious matters.

In Aug 2021, DMK Government has introduced “Annai Thamizhil Archanai”, which means “prayers in mother tongue Tamil” refresher course to Hindu priests on how to conduct Hindu prayers and their phone numbers and names will be displayed on TV displays, so the devotee can choose the option to pray in Tamil language. Although, DMK defended the move that the Idea was conceived back in 1974 but could be implemented only during MK Stalin governance. The point here is, DMK party, a known Hindu baiter and Hindu hater doesn’t believe in Hindu belief system nor faith, is working to suppress the belief system in the name of language as a progressive reform.

Since its existence as a Party in 1960’s the party is heavily invested on language to show Congress Party as a North party and Hindi language as an enemy to Tamil Language. Hindi and Hindu were shown as Anti Tamil and ran a propaganda to hate another Indian language. However, the same DMK party dynasts have no problem with English which is a foreign language to India and encouraged to implement English as a medium in schools. While it is totally fine to encourage another language like English, their hypocrisy and hate against Indian language Hindi and Hindu faith is abominable. Interestingly, Congress Party which was conceived as North Indian Party back in 1970’s is now an ally of DMK Party. Millions of Hindus in Tamil Nadu assess DMK as a minority appeasement party. 

Although the recent policy to introduce Tamil prayers in Hindu Temples is part of their agenda since 1974, one has to be careful to introspect on why DMK Government overreach into Hindu affairs should be examined. If the Government’s intention is to let devotee propagate and practice the religion in his/her mother tongue then why should not the same be implemented in Islam faith. It is an Islamic practice to chant Quran 5 times a day in Arabic.

Can Tamil Nadu Government implement the same Tamil language prayers for Tamil Muslims? Can MK Stalin over reach the Islamic affairs? Will Tamil Nadu Government take the risk to implement Tamil prayers on non-Hindus? As per Indian constitution, Article 26 clearly states that that all denominations can manage their own affairs in matters of religion. However, it seems like Tamil Nadu Government is breaching the confidence of Hindus by meddling into Hindu faith. Indian Constitution guarantees the right to religion as per Articles 25 and 26 exclusively defined and State will not discriminate, patronize or meddle in the profession of any religion. 

Tamil language has a rich history since Sangam age. Tamil is classified as a classical language by Indian government considering its rich past and traditions. Modern day Tamil Nadu was once ruled by great Cholas, Cheras, Pallavans, Chalukya’s, Vijayanagar rulers never meddled into language cult of opposing Hindu texts in Sanskrit. India is a nation of diverse language and traditions and are commonly bonded by Hindu religion.

A north Indian Hindu who doesn’t know Tamil still visit Rameswaram temple in Tamil Nadu likewise a Tamil person who may not know Hindi still do visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Uttar Pradesh and offer prayers. It is rather absurd to impose Tamil language in Hindu temples as language doesn’t even matter. Hindu faith doesn’t believe language as barrier nor hindrance to their prayers as even an illiterate who doesn’t know how to read a specific language could still offer the prayers.

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Kiran is a blogger and columnist. He has a passion in history and law ..
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