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Don’t forget Wuhandemic in mark of NORMALISATION

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World now seems get to normalise as lockdown loosens worldwide, Tokyo Olympic is being held, vloggers roaming freely, and Priyadarshini slapping without mask. There seems proud moments for every country as their athletes won medals, and so did CHINA. But, get to the flashback of 2 months where chaos in whole world created by Chinese virus was aghast. The world is forgetting things at hypersonic pace.

Before 2 months every corner of world was shocking with TONS of dead bodies piled up at respective death centers (be it CREAMATIONS/GRAVEYARDS). Many readers may have lost their loved ones, country-men, friends, colleagues etc.

This may look at a first sort like an Hollywood science fiction movie where some super powers played their role in spreading deadly human-genoce. And when he wishes, world normalises. How can a virus be so deadly in UP, but very liberal in NEPAL; deadly in Gujarat, Rajasthan, but liberal in Pakistan (wondering how can they even test?), very deadly everywhere but not it’s epicenter (WUHAN). Yes and now China wants to forget all scars and start with a new opening. Where its athletes compete all over and no country should express its discourse with EPIDEMIC which China created. This is new normal, where even without nuking a country, influence their people to exemplify Chinese spirits in Olympic.

But it is our responsibility to remember once again to whole world that the country which is at 1st in all medal tallies, is only responsible for most lost lives in your country. The country which economic super power, can colonises your country in every possible way.

Beijing, is not afraid of your military marches, nor your inter-continental missiles, but through awareness that societies with cerebrum capacity can make on world. Please make yourself and environment believe that a biggest turbulence in human survival, was created by a country named CHINA.

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