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A Homeland for your children: A must read book of 2021

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The book– ‘A Homeland for your children’ deals with the problems faced by Hindus in their own country and the solutions to it. Sunil, the protagonist, when he was only 6 years old, learns that he is a Hindu, not the best of the tags in his birthplace, Bangladesh. Friends turn hostile over that one realisation and the child Sunil resigns himself to the life as a punching bag. As if this abuse of their only child was not enough, the Acharya family’s life is shattered one day by a terrible tragedy and they leave their home in Gaibandh in the middle of the night to start a new life in India.

The life in his adopted motherland takes Sunil on an unheard of journey, a journey you will identify every step with and pray it had not happened.

One day, when he was only 39, doctors tell him that he has only a month to live. His was a life wasted. There is only one hope for him: he has learnt as a priest that every soul is given a chance to redeem itself and earn a place in Krishna’s abode. Will it hold true for him? Woven into the life of Sunil and his family are questions critical to the future of Hindus in India. Is the path of non-violence a recent invention or has it been around for ages? What does Krishna tell us about being non-violent or tackling Adharmis. Are Hindus facing an existential crisis in their own land? the book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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