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Death figures from Corona: How true are the reports of foreign media?

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Death figures from Corona: How true are the reports of foreign media?

The sensation of politics, as well as foreign media, continues on the death of Corona. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, questions are floating about the figures of dead bodies landing in the Ganges, burial of dead bodies on the banks of the Ganges and the death toll. From social media to international media, a scary picture of the banks of the Ganges has spread.

The political storm of opposition is also standing on the second wave. The state vs centre and government vs opposition debate on vaccination continues. This is definitely not their time.

Horror pictures truth

Whether it is the matter of burying the dead bodies on the banks of the Ganges or the bodies being dropped in the Ganges, this has been happening in the past also.

The story is from 1985. Bihar’s Narmund incident was famous. According to the sensation of Patliputra Times newspaper published from Patna then, human organs (skulls) were smuggled from the bodies buried on the banks of the Ganges by beheading them, hence it came to be known as the Narmund case.

This newspaper belonged to the former Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra. That is, in the event of cremation, burial and premature death on the banks of the Ganges, the practice of flowing water to the dead bodies was also there 30-35 years ago.

Apart from the Shaivite sects and Kabirpanthis, the tradition of carrying out contacts, leprosy, premature death and burial of child dead bodies is old. The reason for this is the faith of funeral rites on the banks of the Ganges.

Yes, it is true that along with natural deaths, the death of the corona epidemic also went on adding.

Due to the increase in the number of dead, scary pictures of dead bodies from the banks of Ganga in many cities of UP to Bihar, Varanasi, Ballia, Unnao, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Buxar etc.

Foreign newspapers The Guardian, The Telegraph, Washington Post, New York Times have used these scary pictures as a sensation. Sensational figures and estimates of deaths have been presented.

This red fungus (splatter of blood) of foreign media is like black fungus (black spot) on the image of India. Conspiracy to tarnish the image of India.

Data juggling on death

Questions are being raised on the death toll in the country. Along with the opposition, the foreign media is presenting a scary graph of the figures. Lassana even expressed the fear that by August the death toll in India would cross one million.

On the contrary, the relief figure is that after 44 days in the second wave, on May 28, the lowest number of 1 lakh 86 thousand 364 new cases of the corona were reported, while more than 2 lakh 59 thousand 459 patients were also cured.

The foreign media New York Times took the serosurvey as the basis and assumed the actual death to be thirteen times more in India and estimated the horrific death toll of 42 lakhs. The foreign media and the opposition are continuously presenting such figures. These scary figures weaken the spirits of the infected.

The truth of suppressing virus not statistics

The picture of the banks of the Ganges has been presented in the foreign media, in which it is shown pulling Ramnami from dead bodies or pouring sand and soil. In fact, when some dead bodies were seen landing in the Ganges on the UP-Bihar border, sand and soil were poured on the dead bodies to prevent infection.

Actually, these were not death figures, the virus was being suppressed.

Monsoon is also on its head and it is natural for the water level of the Ganges to rise in the rains. In such a situation, there was also a danger of the dead bodies buried around the raging Ganges being landed in the river.

Then it is also not clear whether the infection spreads through water or not because the infection was found in the sewer of Lucknow.

Even after Kumbh, different studies are going on regarding the infection in water. Medical experts believe that only 24 hours after death, there is a possibility of getting rid of black fungus or other infection from the mouth and nose.

As far as the removal of Ramnami is concerned, in some cases when there are reports of family members turning their backs on death due to infection, then who will take the risk of removing Ramnami from non-corpse.

He is in danger of himself. No matter how frightening the death toll being projected in the foreign media may be, hope is alive on the ground.

The hope of victory over fear

In the midst of these scary figures, there is hope for victory over fear. According to the data, so far 3 lakh 18 thousand 895 people have died during both the waves from 20 March 2020 to 28 May 2021.

A total of two crores 75 lakh 55 thousand 457 sick were infected, out of which two crores 48 lakh 93 thousand 410 were also healthy. 23 lakh 43 thousand 152 patients are undergoing treatment.

There is also a hopeful figure that the death rate from Corona is 1.15 per cent while the recovery rate is 90.34 per cent.

Obviously, there are more to win by fighting the infection. In such a situation, the question arises whether this is the time to fight the infection together or for political upheaval.

Questions are bound to arise regarding vaccination, but the government claims that by December, everyone in the country will be vaccinated. India currently ranks third in the world in vaccination.

If the target of vaccination for all is achieved by December, then India will reach first place in the world for the fastest vaccination.

In such a situation, it is shameful to raise questions about the vaccine from the very beginning, to create political confusion over the death figures with the vaccine.

Away from these confusions, we have to remember the mantra of wearing a mask on the mouth, a distance of two yards and washing hands frequently. Come fight together, win- because there is victory ahead of fear.

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