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Mother is in the form of a precious human being

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In every person’s life, the mother is in the form of a precious human being.

International Motherhood Day is an important day dedicated to the whole mother-power, whose motherhood and sacrifice fills not only the home but also the lives of all. The sacrifice, sacrifice, motherhood and dedication of the mother is so vast for her children that even if she dedicates her entire life, the loan of the mother cannot be borrowed.

All the days spent with the mother who face every grief for the upbringing of the child without any complaints are safe in the minds of all as a lifelong pleasant and sweet memory. Hw Beecher had said- The heart of the mother is the school of the child.

In every person’s life, the mother is in the form of a precious human being, which cannot be said by words. It is said that God cannot live with everyone so he created the mother.

A mother is the angel who takes care of every small and big needs of our life and fulfills them. She is a human to say, but no less than God. Mother is the temple and mother is worship and mother is the pilgrimage.

Mother is the only goddess on this earth who has no atheist. This is why there is no human relationship in the whole world more than the mother. It is full of qualities, similar in severity to the sea and patience to the Himalayas.

His blessing is a blessing. Just sit with the mother sometime, listen to her, look at her, listen to her. Take his blessings and go out after seeing him. Look again, you will get what you want – happiness, peace, fame and success. Keep in mind, hurting the mother means insulting God.

How Mother’s Day started

The world can live without great people, but living without a mother is like a curse, so the world glorifies the mother, praises her, whether for Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day, by which name she calls the day. is defined. Mother’s Day in America began in the early 20th century. It is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world.

The history of Mother’s Day is about 400 years old. Ancient Greek and Roman history mentions celebrating Mother’s Day. In Indian culture, there has been immense reverence for the mother, but the way Mother’s Day is being celebrated in modern times, its history is not very old in India.

Despite this, Mother’s Day is becoming increasingly popular in India in less than two-three decades.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the influence and respect of mothers in society. In the word mother, there is a sense of the whole creation.

In the mother’s word, that intimacy and sweetness is hidden, which is not there in any other words. Mother name is of sensation, feeling and feeling.

All relationships get dwarfed in front of the mother. In the shadow of motherhood, the mother not only saves her children, but becomes her support when the need arises.

There is no dearth of examples of mothers in the society who single-handedly took care of their children. Suraj as mother is a call of Charevati and Charaiveti, and from that, the glow of sharpness and personality is enhanced. Its heat never lets the expectations of the mind rust. His every resolution is the last stage of the stage.

Reflections on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor all mothers. This day is celebrated to express gratitude for the difficulties faced by mothers in raising a child. On this day people give greeting cards and gifts to their mother.

Poet Robert Browning defines motherhood as saying – Motherhood is the starting point of all kinds of love and all forms of love are absorbed in this motherhood. Love is a sweet, intense, uncommon feeling, but the mother’s love for her child is a heavenly feeling.

Mother!’ This is a supernatural word, from which mere memory arises. A deep tide of emotions springs up in the heart, and the brain is immersed in a deep sea of ​​memories.

The mother’s love and glory of her heart cannot be described in words, it can only be felt, which gave you and your family ideal values. In my view it is your basic condition which is given to them, which is the basic identity of every mother.

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