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Living in fear- the Corona fallout

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Coronavirus situation has progressed from being a situation of Denial in Feb 2020 to a situation of Fear in Apr 2021. Owing to a mix of Innumerable TV discussions, Govt guidelines and unlimited Social Media “Knowledge” sharing, there has been a resultant confusion more than information.

It has become easier to know “How NOT to save yourself from Covid” than “How to save yourself from Covid”… because of unlimited flow of Do’s and Dont’s!

Those discovering themselves as being infected find themselves suddenly into a feeling of unbelievability as they feel that didn’t falter anywhere in protecting themselves and their family. Something went wrong inexplicably and they never get an answer to that “something”.

When you begin to feel sick due to the extensive use of sanitisers & disinfectants and start to falsely fear that you got infected! God Forbid.. Fear has taken control of our lives! Yes! Even before we knew it and how much brave or strong we may be portraying ourselves to be. We fear breathing in fresh air because we fear that the air is not fresh anymore that it used to be a year ago.

We fear putting on the Air Conditioner in scorching summer because we fear that Coronavirus may not crawl into our room through the Air Conditioning. We fear to handle vegetables because we fear that what if the poor vegetable may be “loaded” with that invisible virus. When we see people braving the fear and holidaying at hill stations & returning rejuvenated, we actually wait to know whether they continue to be safe ! Still we are unable to gather confidence to break-free

If a recently infected person presses our door bell, we unassumingly open the door only to live in fear for few nights as to why the hell did we open the door! It’s only after several internal discussions & self assurances of being at a distance that the fear does dilute. We fear that we may not mistakenly make mistakes that frustrate our healthy living. We stay caged for over a year now! Fear has begun to flow more in our veins than blood does.

We thus Hope & Pray… that Hope belies our Fear and we begin to actually live… again.

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