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“Black Fungus” Entered in Dehradun

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Entry Of Black Fungus in Dehradun Uttrakhand

Case of Black Fungus Infection reported from Dehradun Max Hospital,  following which the doctors removed an eye of the patient. The patient had recovered from Covid in late April. According to the hospital authorities, they had received similar cases of post-Covid black fungus infection, or mucormycosis, in January and February as well, and in both the cases patients were treated and discharged.

What is Black Fungus?

The disease progresses rapidly and “attacks blood vessels and live tissues, “As it kills them, it turns them all black — and that’s where [the disease] gets the name ‘black fungus.’ ” In just three days, it can spread to the eyes or the jawbone. In such cases, the only way to stop the spread to the brain is to remove the infected eye or jawbone surgically.

“Once it spreads to the brain, the fatality rate is over 50%. It’s sad to think that people who’ve gone through the immense distress of COVID now have to deal with this severe disability as well.

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