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Tamilnadu’s typical attitudinal change has to precede political change

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The Tamil Nadu Jama’athul Ulama Sabai and The Tamil Nadu Bishop Council decided to support the ‘secular front’ led by DMK [1]. Irony is why does a secular front need religious body support and if accepted will the front be still secular?!

Jokes apart a few questions for introspection of my dear Hindu brothers and sisters of Tamil Nadu who think we are the most secular and liberal because we are descendants of one of the oldest surviving civilisations.

I am sure that we would have been carried away by statements like why do you need new temples when we already have so many? Why not build a school or hospital instead of a temple? Just when u look around for the shopping mall and high raises also see how many new Masjids, Dargahs, Churches, prayer centers have cropped up in last decade in your locality. Do a secular comparison of this with temples land, who looted and whose is it. By making you think that secularism is fashionable, temple visiting is just a personal religious belief and no society/community angle is associated with it, they looted you without any resistance from your side. Curious or religious people do compare and check how many temples itself have vanished just in Tamil Nadu state (1947-2017) leave away the land, and jewels loot by our progressive development oriented state governments and Hindu religious and endowments board authorities.

I am sure many of us are strong supporters of freedom of choice, freedom of food, meat is meat, food doesn’t have religion, etc. Just when you look around restaurants and eateries don’t just look at rate, taste, but do compare how many “halal available”, “only halal” boards have cropped up in recent years. Just remember the basic principle of halal is it has to be cut by a muslim, that too after recitation of quaranic verses. Damn with your perceptions about food. Intelligent and interested people can further study about the economic angle (business capturing by Muslim groups) through halal certification which is why many vegetarian items including coconut oil, wheat atta comes with halal certification.

It’s not too late when value of your property or growth of your business would be directly dependent on you towing a particular religious line or bowing to a particular religious group. In Metros like Mumbai for example the ingress of Bangladeshi Muslims and uncontrolled prorogation of a peaceful religious denomination coupled with “what problem for me” attitude of Hindus and vote bank appeasement of khangress and nationalist khangress has now created a situation where all business especially the service sector – auto, taxi driver, plumber, electricians, ac fridge mechanics, vegetable fruit sales, etc – dominated by Muslims; that too in some business the whole business cycle from raw material supplier, manufacturer to retailer, transporter etc has a particular religious monopoly. Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Kovai, Tirunelveli, Ramanathapuram, Tanjavur, Thotukudi all have similar issues with some more and with some lesser intensity. I am just speaking about the normal happenings a common man can easily recognise and visualise, leave away the hifi international agenda, money power used to retard India’s capability like in vedanta copper or kudankulam nuclear power plant issues.

There is no much time left before we Hindus are pushed to make our decisions considering the very basic necessity of safety of our daughter/sister and safety of our life (sorry if I am rude, I am actually practical & straight forward). The Land jihad, Love jihad, etc are neither myth nor mere theories but are well thought out expansionist strategies that are being executed through dedicated funds and with clear cut division of responsibility. 

Politicians and political parties are an important link in these strategies and hence are brought out showing the candy of money, position or power. Media keeps us busy with cricket, kollywood, etc which we think are beyond politics (read religion) but we fail to think why then are politicians closely connected with film production houses, ipl teams, etc and why many so called film actors, writers, directors openly single out and criticize hindus alone.

Many missionary sponsored authors (right from GU Pope’s thirukural translation) have worked overtime to create a perception that Tamil culture is different from Vedic culture. We being typical Tamilians we got into the web of accepting Church, Masjid as nearer to our Tamil culture like we accepted a foreign country’s English language as nearer to us than sanskrit. And now we are ashamed to acknowledge that this was wrong. Better we acknowledge so that it’s not too late. If we make this fundamental correction in our thinking rest all changes in positive direction will follow. We are on the third stage as below and let’s wake up and join together so that we don’t go to the fourth stage.

First they came against Hindu leaders. I didn’t speak as I am not their political follower;

Then they came against Hindu religious groups/organisations. I didn’t speak as I am not a member of it;

Then they came against Hindus (festivals, practices, god’s, temples). I didn’t speak as for me religion is my personal belief and (pseudo)secularism is my fashion;

Then they came against me (my business economy / family members safety). No one was left to speak;


[1] https://m.timesofindia.com/city/chennai/minority-groups-to-back-secular-front/amp_articleshow/81666256.cms


The author Yogendran BK is a tamilian who is not saddened to see the twisted narratives set in his state but is saddened because a good chunk of his fellow people get carried away with such narratives. The author can be reached at twitter handle @yogendranbk or FB id yogendranb

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