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Maharashtra govt vs Indian celebrities

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It is really weird and shocking to see Maharashtra’s MVA Govt uneasiness towards the tweets of Bharat Ratnas and the Legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. I can’t understand that what is the fuss in tweeting the Nation when the foreign invaders like Mia Khalifa, Rihanna who don’t even have have a basic knowledge of the Farm Bills but are supporting the Farmers Protest. Then, Great Thunberg’s small mistake of exposing the global conspiracy and even supporting the Farmers Protests. At a time when the foreigners are interfering into the internal issues of India, we expect Indians to raise there voices in the support of the nation and that is what they along with some Bollywood People did. They tweeted in support of the nation.

People like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Lata Mangeshkar, Saina Nehwal etc are the people who represent India in different walks of life. We expect these people to stand by the nation in its tough times and that is what they did. Neither they supported the govt nor did they supported those protests. Now, does tweeting in favor of the nation also require a probe? Is it a crime? If yes, it exposes the mindset of the MVA Govt. It is a shameful thing if a probe or an enquiry happens for these things. What image will it set towards the people of India? What is this govt up to?

“I would suggest to Sachin (Tendulkar) that he should be careful while speaking on the issues related to other fields,” says sharad pawar

Sachin Tendulkar neither supported the protestors nor he supported the govt on this issue. Why such kind of statement then? Did Sharad Pawar went through Sachin’s tweets? Moreover, what would Sharad Pawar advise to Hollywood people, interfering in the internal matters of India? Won’t he speak on them?

The word given by our PM yesterday in Rajya Sabha “andolanjivis,” is the Maharashtra govt’s personality. The current govt in Maharashtra instead of focusing on the development of Maharashtra, focuses on probing of the tweets by the celebrities who supported the nation when it was the need of the hour, how to put Arnab Goswami behind the bars, bury the truth of SSR Death, Palghar Lynching case, beat those people who speak foul of the CM of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray. It will be better if they focus on the development rather than these issues as it will be better for both the govt and the people.

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