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Never to be broken ABVP-JNU activist

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Manish Jangid
Manish Jangid
Doctoral Candidate, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi | Columnist | Debater | Environmentalist | B.E. MBM JNVU |Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad JNU, Presidential Candidate JNUSU2019 |स्वयंसेवक | ABVP Activist | Nationalist JNUite, Fighting against Red Terror/Anti nationalist forces communists |

Goons in the mask of students! Storm of red terror destroyed the peace of JNU on 5/1/20. They the human bunkers of steaming red terrorism in the campus had lead to injuries in the heart and memories of innocent students.

We were (ABVP_ians) the innocent being who dreamt of doing something for our nation while studying and after studies in JNU. But these Communist/ red terrorist tear apart our flesh and bone like a monster. These monsters played fake propaganda against “us” the innocent being and tried to push us far from our goals of national service.

But nothing matters for us when everything is about truth and factual information that the whole wide world might want to know. We are concern about the security and life of our batchmates and future juniors. Walking back on the horror trail of JNU red terror, let me recall the incident that made me scared for life.

We received a mail yesterday, It was from a common student of JNU. He was there on the campus on the day of 5th January 2020; the day that will be remembered as a black day in the history of JNU, and in the history of any academic space. He did not want to reveal his identity because he feels scared in the campus now. And I am sure, that this feeling is not only a single student’s story, but it is a story of most common JNUites now. I felt that this story should be shared with one and all, so I am sharing his words with you all. He writes,

‘We rarely courageous enough to sit and write something but today when almost a year has passed, I still cannot forget about the nightmare of 5th January 2020 when I lost, when I lost myself, when I was a loser I and am in a hurry to accept that yes, we were defeated and I do not wish to stay but to move on for a new game, blank on what to do, who to share with, whom to convince, whom to trust, whom to consult, whom to ask for help, how to escape this fear and feeling, I had no other option but to write. Even after writing this, I know nobody is going to get affected and more than half won’t read but even then also I am here to free myself, I am here to let my feelings get the “AZAADI” from my incapable being and let them float somewhere, where nobody is socially boycotting them. I just wish if this feeling would get immortalized as a text and none could harm it, so I’m writing.

It was the incident of 5 January 2020, the incident is known to one and all, everyone knows the truth now, but even after knowing everything people have spinelessly accepted what happened with us and not only accepted but also supported “THE RED TERROR GOONS” and spread more hatred for us among the common students of JNU and also among the common people of country through their left-led media propaganda. But then I remember whomI was pleading to, I have forgotten the truth because I haven’t lived with it and have always had trust with the “Common Students Concept”.

It slips from my mind that you are them and they are you. Many so-called neutral students told me that ‘what happened was right’, ‘we were the culprits’, ‘The whole attack was planned by ABVP’, ‘you probably deserved that’, and what not. But the harsh reality about what they were unaware of were, Students jumped from balconies, ran half naked, bleeding, smiling and thinking in their mind“Somehow we have survived and escaped” but leave it, let’s not discuss it because I can’t mention every individual’s pain and noone’s pain is less. Noone’s tragedy can be compared with others and only a few could be written. I am still mentally disturbed and depressed from that incident although it has been 1 year and none of us were responsible for that incident but the so called liberal media gave all the blame of that incident on our head.

Our Parents have cried from their heart and just told us beta “Just leave ABVP”, “If you will be alive you would see many more things in life, and“Your full life is in-front of you but why would you care”. But somewhere inside our heart we knew that these communists are among those people who celebrate mourning by burning settlements .A common people  will never realisehow it has changed lives of a common student. I myself will never be able to see old me ever in lot of ways. I will never be able to forgive those communist and those so called neutral students for what they all did to us and are continuously doing with us. But we remind you all that we are still just battered not broken. Thanks to my surroundings and those positive people who gave us a ray of hope that “Do not give up, do not let your courage settred”, “We will work hard to rise up again”. I salute these undying spirits and feel proud to be a part of such a positive family. I never realised that people we live with, share benches with, share mess plates with, share a cold drink with, share a laugh with can be so brave and real life heroes. I feel proud to be an ABVP activist today.

Last year when the sympathisers and activists of ABVP JNU reached their hostel and the way people looked at us, the way everybody was behaving, we couldn’t figure out for first few minutes as what’s happening but then we felt that weare from ABVP. I clearly heard people saying about many specific persons “How we missed him,” “How he survived”. I didn’t understand, what to feel at that time angry, irritated, frustrated, low, hopeless, demoralised, demotivated or happy. I just knew that we broke down after a really long time, we wept and that’s how our 2020 started, thanking ourtears to make us feel good and free. 

I wanted to shout at the loudest of my voice that I’m an ABVPian and I’m not a goon. We were bleeding, we were traumatized, we were still to recover from that shock and we were also humans. I never imagined that one day I’ll have to run away from JNU campus I once happily called mine.

COMRADES urge normal students to socially boycott us, not to sit with us, not to talk to us, not to be our friends. Students were thinking of suicide. I swear, if any of my friends would had done anything, I would had never forgivethose commies and the so called neutral students who are tilted towards communism and almighty won’t too. Parchas with photos of people were distributed among students as an open invitation to lynch us. I could see intolerance here, we knew now than it can feel. People were fearing walking with us, activists were afraid of entering mess for distributing mess parchas. My heart sank when my roommate said that “Sorry Brother, We have to erase the holy sign of SATWIK which is on our room’s gate”, “Also we have to remove the paper cut of SHUBH DIWALI”, other wise they will break the gate of our room and beat us.

I couldn’t believe on his words. But it was ok, I was recovering, and I was sure “I’ll never celebrate Diwali until I feel, the place I live where I’m not supposed to be attacked by seeing Swastika sign and Shubh Diwali jhalar.” For a small interval of time I thought I also started thinking WHY I AM A HINDU and felt sorry for my religion as well. I was helpless. At that point of time, where I was already being boycotted by more than 70% of people in JNU campus but truly I didn’t give up in front of these “boycott-ers”, because after that incident I realized that they were never with me. Those who were with me will always stand by my side in my bad time without looking my ideology and religion.

I couldeasily see my friends losing hope and saying “Leave it, Bhai. Just spend one more year in JNU and go away. You will not able to do anything to them alone. These people will not leave you.” But, I was able to breathe because there is a world outside JNU, Iwas able to breathe because JNU isn’t everything, my whole life has not ruined, not everybody outside will tag me a goon or whisper TRAITOR at me even without knowing a single thing. I was able to breathe because there’ll be a time I’ll be free, I’ll be heard, I’ll be understood, I’ll be respected. There will be place where truth will be respected, there will place where common people would decide after seeing facts, there will be place where common people will be common, there will be place whereI won’t suffocate, there will be place where I will proudly say that I survived in JNU as an ABVP activist and people will clap. I was able to breathe thinking in mind that this time will pass, good times will come.

I recall there was a time not long back when we loved this place and even thought now“it were all right”, “it had not happened”, “I wish we were happy”, “I wish we were alive in JNU”. Today I feel life is not so short and there are people other than my college mates, there are ideologies other than left also. I am very lucky that I got such a group of such wonderful friends due to whom I don’t feel shortage of real and caring persons in my life and they always keep me away from double-headed people. Otherwise Ihad already reconsidering this life and had planned that everything will be alright in the next life. I failed to keep check on my words even after checking a lot. I m sorry again. Thankyou pen!

Either we die or live but will keep on fighting for the truth, for us ABVP JNU activists “students lives” matters and we will fight back urban Naxals. We might get feared from the anti-India forces from but we will keep on fighting for our nation.


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Manish Jangid
Manish Jangid
Doctoral Candidate, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi | Columnist | Debater | Environmentalist | B.E. MBM JNVU |Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad JNU, Presidential Candidate JNUSU2019 |स्वयंसेवक | ABVP Activist | Nationalist JNUite, Fighting against Red Terror/Anti nationalist forces communists |
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