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Final trial of Mahatma Gandhi

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While the wokes talk about how the murder of Gandhi as some sort of sin of the highest kind, I wonder why such a blunt ignorance of Godse’s point of view. And it is not a general murderer’s point of view either. Nothing like “Give me all of your money or I will shoot you” or, “Ask Nehru to excuse my corruption charges otherwise I will kill you”.

After a long expose of the nation’s harm caused by Gandhi, he reasons, “There was no legal machinery by which such an offender could be brought to book and for this reason I fired those fatal shots.”. This is not a reasoning of a man mad with fury. This is a logical and very reasonable argument from man who feels responsible for the future of his nation.

Without Gandhi’s nod, could there have been a partition? And if not, how come he is not held responsible for the loss of lives during partition? The partition continues to cause us loss of precious life even today. Did people not die due to disobedience movement? Who will account for the loss of lives of Satyagrahis who died in jail and it’s aftermath? Is Gandhi not to be held accountable for their deaths? And if yes, how come he is never called a murderer for that?

If people have to die in pursuit of independence, then why not die while killing the oppressors? What purpose did Gandhi’s satyagraha served if it did not even guarantee life of the satyagrahi? Bhagat Singh’s or Netaji Bose’s methods at least guaranteed that for each life we loose, we kill an even more number of oppressors. At the very least it ensured fear in the hearts of the surviving oppressors. And at the most, it was a sure shot way of taking independence.

Logically satyagraha did not make any sense and even in practice, what did the “Mahatma” give us in return of following him blindly on his stupid path? A divided, weak and poor nation? A nation with both arms cut-off by Islamists? A nation divided by religion, language, caste and what not?

It is this blunder which proved to Godse beyond doubt that Gandhi was a leech for this nation sucking the blood out of it. And that this leech had to be removed. By salt or by knife.

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