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A betrayal, sugarcoated with fancy words & revolutionary ideas trapping youth!

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In our religious texts it is mentioned that how some devils (Rakshsas) use to interrupt Yagya and sadhna of sages by various mischievous acts like dropping meat etc. The time has changed but similar devils are still their in various forms. Radical terrorists and left wing/communists are most gregarious one among them.

Communists of India portray themselves as solution to all problems. Let’s have look at a very brief account of how they solved problems of Russia in past. First major attempt to implement communism was made in Russia during Bolshevik Revolution between between 1918 to 1922. Russia was in crisis during world war-I, and Lenin took advantage of this unrest by promising peace, food and land to the people. But what happened on the ground during the movement is a bone chilling story. During this movement people who opposed or disagreed with them were executed, which included brutal practices like beating to death and pushing people in furnaces by “chekas”(Bolsheviks secret police).

Along with executions the Bolsheviks started procuring grains from peasants with little or no payment, which pushed the society into a great famine (remember that food and land were “promised” by Lenin), which killed several thousands of people!

This reminds me of Hitler, who was a fascist: ironically favourite word of Communists these days! We can say that first fascist of 20th century was product of communism, Kudos to comrades, another feather in their cap!

Today in India the mentality of labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with so called liberal lobby as a “fascist” or “bigot” is actually a trait inherited from their ideological ancestors like Lenin.

At present, the left in India thrives on blocking growth and empowerment of deprived section so that they can continue exploiting them. This is the reason that every reform is opposed blindly. They play with emotions of deprived section by inciting them against the establishment and call it a revolution. This is how a so called “Andolan” started in Naxalbari of Bengal, turned into major security threat to India: Naxalism! Naxals attack construction projects, blow Mobile towers only because they don’t want tribal community to become part of the mainstream. Once mainstreamed, people would not fall prey to their lies and hence no recruits!

To develop a sense of anger against the establishment various other factors like caste & creed is smartly used. Tossing particular incidents of crime and giving it casteist angle is also a part of the game plan. Such attempts have become so desperate that even terrorism is justified by citing financial condition of perpetrators, the victim is vilified and the culprit is sympathised!

When it comes to youth in cities and towns, the left use their usual aggression due to young age and to some extent lack of political awareness. Young college students are mislead by saying that all problems in the country is due to present establishment and only solution to it is to lean toward left and become part of a REVOLUTION, which obviously sounds fascinating to the youth and he falls for it. After becoming part of those violent rallies, vandalism and sloganeering the youth unaware of ground reality starts relating themselves to leaders like Bhagat Singh, but they fail to understand that Bhagat Singh was fighting against a foreign imperial regime, not against a democratically elected govt like today. Dissent and protests are part of democracy but one has to take care of the boundary between opposing govt and going against nation.

Surprise element here is that despite of such negativity, baseless outrages and blind opposition, left is still able to find acceptance in the society, they perform poor in polls, but closeted leftists are almost everywhere from trade unions & bureaucracy to educational institutions! India is a huge country, hence even a small percentage of people appearing in protests would look something like a mass uprising, which has potential to change perception of few more people and the chain reaction continues!

Intellectuals, actors, writers and many eminent journalists of the lobby act as catalysts to this reaction. Photos of protestors(rioters) struggling against police is captured from best angles by media present there as per plan! Many rioters are portrayed and hailed as hero on social media and news channels.

All of this is happening in a complete different world, away from struggles and actual issues of middle/lower middle class citizens. Common citizens only suffer from such protests, ongoing farmer’s protest affecting small industries and employees of adjoining area is most recent example. This clearly shows that such protests are planted to attain certain political goals and has nothing to do with ground reality or betterment of nation.

Some questions which young generation and anyone trusting left wing should ask themselves before leaning toward it:

🔸Did all poors became rich land owners after Naxalbari “Andolan”?

🔸Has racism disappeared from the face of earth after BLM protest cum riots by ANTIFA?

🔸How does hailing Terrorists like Afjal Guru and celebrating death of martyrs benefits the nation?

🔸What is the condition of freedom and liberty in communist ruled states like China?

🔸If Indian communists are liberal, then what should one conclude from their sympathy with Dictator Kim Jong Un?

After finding answer to above questions I reached to the conclusion that left is not providing solution to any problem, but only exploiting them to destabilise society, spreading anarchy and dreaming about coming to power to enforce their rigid idealism irrelevant to India ! This is why the analogy with devils in first paragraph is absolutely justified.

In the era of selective outrage, when victims like Sadhus of Palghar are ignored by liberals, but certain other incidents are used to label the country with terms like “Lynchistan” , be very cautious before geting emotionally and ideologically influenced. Take anti CAA protests (riots) as example, not a single Muslim has been affected by CAA till now, but recall the misinformation campaign and mayhem created after the bill was passed. The protest was labelled as ‘a fight against fascism to protect minority’! But actually it was sheer hatred against those who will get benefited by it! Hence, things are not as black & white as they appear.

Choosing path of empowerment, equal opportunities and progress over mobocracy, victimhood and freebies is the only way to ensure better future of the nation. Freebies can give instantaneous relief and comfort, but our future will keep floating in the endless sky of uncertainties! Rest is on all of us, it is ultimately the public who decides course of the nation, directly or indirectly. JAI BHARAT

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