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2020: A year of pain

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We entered this evil year 2020 with the anti CAA protests followed by riots, killings and arrests in the national capital. Then came the evil virus which was a gift from our neighbor to the whole world which brought the globe to a standstill. Covid-19 changed the way this world lived and those changes are now permanent. It took lives, took businesses, brought worldwide unemployment, brought recession, ruined careers and whatnot. Some people are even running a narrative on social media about this year being positive as families finally lived together inside their homes for several days and the earth recovered a bit during the lockdown.


2020 revealed how dumb our leaders, international organizations and a huge junk of population can be. Stupid’s are everywhere and it’s now very rare to find people with a decent IQ.

Trump was against masks and he is the most ‘powerful’ man on earth and the leader of the world’s most stupid nation. God knows who got the votes and won the elections this year but we all witnessed something was not correct. It’s the end of 2020 and the country which is sending Falcon 9 to the space is still using ballot papers for choosing the world’s strongest man, wow!

Trump and Obama both have commented on India and the conditions of the minorities living here. But the country which was picturized as the world’s most perfect country revealed its true colors. The Blacks in the US are still being harassed and maltreated by the government authorities whereas in India the SCs, STs and Muslims are becoming DMs, IPS officers, IAS officers, Chief Justice and even the President. US had to call the army against its own citizens protesting against the atrocities with the Blacks whereas India is still witnessing a nationwide protest and witnessed another protest earlier but handled the situation much better than the so called ‘perfect’ nation.

We then witnessed our world’s one of the most important and responsible organization’s corrupt work. WHO, who is responsible to inform the world about deadly diseases and their cures was found to be working under the payroll of China. Tedros as usual did nothing this whole year and just tried to save himself and his boss Xi Jinping. Many new facts regarding the UNO and its organs came into light when we all saw the reality of WHO. Most of the organs are directly or indirectly under the control of China and the funniest part is that the anti terrorism Department is under the control of China and Pakistan.

The countries need to introspect the need to be a part of the UN and to fund such a corrupt organization.

As the media portrays, 2020 even showed us a version of ‘World War 3’. Many soldiers lost their lives at the India-China border, China is at a trade and diplomatic war with Australia, it is having territorial war with Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and even has a huge number of problems with the US. China proved to be the worst of all to ruin the year and lives of millions.

Radical Islamists in the Europe also came out to show their true colors to the European population which welcomed them with open arms. Sweden, Norway, France all witnessed numerous bloodiest attacks on the innocent local population and when leaders like Macron tried to keep this radical ideology under control he had to face criticism and hate from clowns like Imran Khan and Erdogan who never said anything for the Uighurs being harassed in China till date.


Now there’s another weapon which was seen this year known as ignorance. The population across the globe is being fed with misinformation through various platforms. The people, especially the youth takes their daily dose of news from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the present generation is far away from the concept of TV news or newspapers. This stupidity helps the greedy politicians to spread their hate against the governments and fulfill their personal agendas. Anti CAA or the ongoing protests on farmers bill all are based on ignorance, protesters are not even aware about the whole law and its positive or negative aspects, they are just enjoying their pizzas and biryanis.

2020 even brought back the memories of British rule through the Maharashtra government. It started with the death mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput which then led to the drug cartels working inside the Bollywood industry and eventually with the arrest of Arnab Goswami and demolition of Kangana’s office. What more filth can we expect from this year?

2020 was a year with full of negativities but it brought out many issues in the open which need a thorough examination. Whether it’s our personal relationships, international relations with nations like China and Turkey or the baseless issues raised by liberals in irritating protests, everything is in the open to be given a final thought and kick out from the system.

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