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Covid 19

Democracies in South Asia under siege

Can democratic world afford weakening of democracy in South Asian countries? This is a billion dollar question, needs to be addressed urgently for the these reasons.

Desecration of democratic institutions by electoral rejects and unelected

Two violent incidents in two democracies of the world which put the nation to the shame.

भारत और भारतवासियों की अपराजेय दृढ़ता, जीवटता एवं संघर्षशीलता का वर्ष- 2020

2021 दरवाज़े पर दस्तक दे चुका है। बीते वर्ष का आकलन-विश्लेषण करने वाले बहुत-से विचारकों-विश्लेषकों का कहना है कि वर्ष 2020 शताब्दियों में कभी-कभार फैलने वाली कोविड-19 जैसी महामारी और उसकी विनाशलीला के लिए याद किया जाएगा।

2020: A year of pain

Covid-19 changed the way this world lived and those changes are now permanent. It took lives, took businesses, brought worldwide unemployment, brought recession, ruined careers and whatnot.

Countering emotivism in economics

All economies should focus on self-sufficiency where they can provide for all without any dependence on external sources. This change in priorities of the neoliberal order will remove all the internal fractures in it like poverty, over exploitation of the environments, unemployment, disease and other internal conflicts over scarce resources.

Delhi’s government evil xenophobic intention behind sealing off its borders also exposes the indirect link with migrants crisis

What about the hospitals under central government? Delhi has a few of the best central government hospitals only because Delhi is the capital of India

China can unleash limited military offensive on India’s eastern borders

The people's republic is under a three-pronged attack, and to wade it off; it needs a limited border conflict with India.  There is every possibility...

COVID-19: Abuse of PIL’s & supreme court’s telescopic view in minimum wages to migrant workers case

That mere subsistence of protection of life by providing meals would not serve the purpose of migrant labourers.

Economic future of India

Many countries are waking up to the realization that dependence on China is unreliable, and not in the interest of them and thus should reduce.

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