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Weapons of ignorance and misinformation

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The year 2020 like we all know has been the most throbbing of all but along with its problems it brought out the social issues existing in the society.

We entered the year with the anti CAA protests taking place throughout the nation and disrupting the daily routine of the major cities of the country. It’s December 2020 and CAA, NRC, NPR nothing has been implemented yet, but the ignorant population of different cities did their full scale drama for months starting from 2019 which lasted till March 2020.

Then came the world’s deadliest China made virus COVID-19, which transformed the people who were experts in CAA into online scientists and doctors. The wave of ignorance and misinformation then continued on WhatsApp, Facebook regarding its treatment.

And now at present in the middle of this pandemic we are now witnessing on new protest totally based on misinformation or we can say based on lack of information regarding the new agriculture related laws.

More laws will come with time as India is going through a transformation phase regarding its development, economy, defense and whatnot, but this culture of nationwide protests by these ignorants is becoming a big pain in the ***.


Indian media houses are clearly seen to be inclined towards political parties of their choice. Some channels and newspapers support a party and some support some other party, so the culture of neutral media has somehow vanished from the society. This makes a poorly informed population more confused and they pick up the wrong things and act accordingly.

After the paid media houses then comes the online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which are again filled with wrong content. A population especially our youth which comprises a huge chunk of population who never reads any newspaper or watch TV news totally depends on these fake news spreading platforms for their daily dose of news. Plus it is nowadays in fashion to criticize your country, your government, your army and project yourself as a ‘liberal’.


Along with the fake media we have our blood sucking opportunist politicians who are themselves illiterate and have zero knowledge on national issues, creating more ruckus and hate against the central government. Instead of explaining the laws these local politicians are busy in providing these protesters with space to protest and feeding them more false information.

Then comes the so-called youth icons of our country who have no connection with education but act as if they know everything. These clowns have a huge fan following comprised of youngsters who are given more filth to be used against the government. During the anti CAA protests many actors and actresses were seen gathering huge crowds and telling them to hit the streets as the CAA will snatch away the citizenship of the Muslims and those people will be thrown out of the country, which was a bogus life. The reality was that these so called artists and their English speaking NRI protesters were not even aware about the full form of CAA or the difference between an act and a bill.

The same is being done by Punjabi singers and actors at present to spread hate and some are even supporting Khalistan.


The central government needs to tackle with this new weapon of misinformation and it is high time it does so because the country takes a huge loss during these protests plus some people even lose their lives.

The government needs to take an initiative to explain the new laws and to each and every citizen at the ground level like what happens during the census, and even take the feedback from the people to make changes accordingly. Government cannot sit idle and expect the whole 100 crore + population to understand these new acts and their effects on them, they will obviously face more protests in future if their rhythm of implementation is not changed.

The youth and the youth icons on the other hand also need to understand that their right to free speech and protest is fine but abusing the government, its officials and inciting violence between different groups comes under crimes defined in the Indian Penal Code. Democracy is fine but using your fundamental rights correctly is more important.

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