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Theory of creation

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.

Can we prove that any two numbers are always equal?

Yes, we can. Only requirement is that we accept one statement to be true. That statement is_ if all the entities between x and y can be mapped to only one and unique entity between p and q and same way if all the entities between p and q can be uniquely mapped to entities between x and y, then this means (x-y) equals (p-q). This is obvious if and if we try to disprove it, we can not. Because logically it will always be true. The catch here is that there can be an infinite number of entities between x and y also between p and q. Thus, the two infinities are not equal. But since we can not compare two infinities with clarity and surety, this means we can assume the two infinities to be equal. Because either of the below two possibilities have to be true

  1. Two infinities are unequal
  2. The two infinities can not be compared hence we assume them to be equal.

Now, assuming above statement to be true, 5 can be equal to 9 or any two numbers can

Equal. How? Easy. let (9-0)y=(5-0)x be a function. That means all numbers on x axis between 0 and 9 can be uniquely mapped to numbers between 0 and 5 on y axis and vice versa. Hence, 9-0=5-0. Now, this means each and every number is the same. So, the question is how has mathematics developed that 1+2=3? This represents what Indian vedas mention_ you add that thing to itself and it remains itself. You take away itself from itself and it remains itself. 

This means that all the mathematical numbers, etc are static and constant. Then how did mathematics which we see evolve? Time. This is the factor which gives mathematics the form which we study. The original numbers are like purusha. Time led to the evolution of sequential mathematics which we studied. This can be understood by a simple theory of universal events which is described below.

Theory of universal events:

All the events of past, present and future are like cards. Due to time, they are arranged in one manner. There is an infinite number of possibilities after each event. Thus, there are an infinite number of parallel universes possible. Time applies to every universe. The universe which follows the logical sequence sustains and rest all perish. Thus, the cards have an image of you holding an ice cream. In the next card, your ice cream may have fallen or you may have eaten or someone else may have taken..etc. thus, cards are arranged in a sequence and our consciousness experiences those sequential events. Thus, if there was no time, then, the cards may have been arranged in sequence but there is nothing to track them in that sequence. Those cards will be just there, having no effect whatsoever.

Thus, we can see that 1+2 became 3 only when certain events happened in a sequence and followed certain laws. Thus we observed that 1+2 gives 3 in practical and hence we developed the present form of mathematics. Now, what are those laws? These laws came into existence when space had its effect on mathematics. Thus due to the effect of space, physics developed resulting into various concepts of physics. Then, there happened some cause at some point of time. And from that point of time, the chain of events developed. And those chain of events led to formation of the material universe which we see with our material eyes which is part of the material universe.

Clarifying_  numbers existed as the purusha or observer. Due to time, mathematics developed which can be seen to be the material of which our universe will be formed. Due to space, physics developed which can be seen to be energy which will create the universe. Due to causality, the sequence of creation and destruction starts which will be eternal. 

Here we observe that causality is the one element which does not have any particular clarity. It is because we picked a point and called it as the root cause and then studied the rest of the creation with respect to that particular cause. That is, we chose on the number line (which was in a circular form) a certain point and called that point to be zero and we studied the rest of the number line with respect to that point.

om shanti om

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.
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