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Ambani’s grandson can save Kunal Kamra’s falling career, claim experts

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Disappointed English Literature student who is exploring Indic culture. Satirist.

Recently on Thursday, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani became a grandfather after his son Akash Ambani and wife Shloka Ambani gave birth to a baby boy. Netizens are going crazy calling the infant “youngest billionaire” and so is our Communist society, who thrust their misery on the ones who work hard (not saying that they don’t work, they’re pretty good at protesting). One such person is Mr. Kunal Kamra who says that the current BJP led government is controlled by the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, when he himself is supervised by the communist forces.

Made his career only on joking about Prime Minister Modi, he didn’t get any heed from the PM, so following the commie custom he is running after Ambani who is a zillion times richer than Mr. Kamra. At least Mukesh Ambani said that he does not take Rajdeep Sardesai seriously, but in Kunal’s case, Ambani doesn’t even believe if Mr. Kamra is a real human being or an imaginary joke like many Indians do.

Still believing in his existence Twitter experts claim that Mr. Kamra will give his dooming Stand-up comedy cum trolling career a boost by criticising Little Ambani for getting born in a rich family, unfortunately he can’t blame god because he does not believe in god (vice-versa from god’s side). Even if Mr. Kamra gets a reply from the newborn, nobody will be able to understand the babbling but one thing is sure, it will be more interesting than what Mr. Kamra usually speaks. Finding that Mr. Ambani had donated crores in reliefs and charities, netizens are hopeful that one day Little Ambani will donate Mr. Kamra to some other country, most probably to China so that he can come out to be useful to Communism in China just like Corona was.

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Disappointed English Literature student who is exploring Indic culture. Satirist.

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