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Rising of Love Jihad in Odisha

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Now entire country witnessing how Muslim men targeting women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. Which become another major concern for women safety. After number of incident happened in north state their state govt contemplating “legal provisions” against it to ensure such incidents are not repeated.

In the rise of such case another eastern state Odisha also witnessing such incident on daily basis but it failed to come out due to lack willpower at regional media. Now I will point out few case which happen but not able to grab nationally.

On 31st October Bajrangdal member and RPF official caught a Muslim Boy named Sabir Ali from Murshidabad (WB) lured a Hindu girl was trying to escape by train from Jajpur Railway station. After several questions RPF and Bajrangdal found Sabbir was a professional in such conspiracy a and he used fake identity for human trafficking. He did it by luring Hindu girls to sell them in Dubai. His original name got revealed when Bajrang Dal Karyakartas and Police asked about his identity proof when he reluctantly showed his passport.

Picture of Sabir while caught at Jajpur railway station

Check below link while he was caught in train (speaking in Odia language)

News on Local print Media

Another incident happened on 5th July 2019 at Jajpur district which was busted by Jajpur police.

A Muslim guy named Saikh Abdul Hakif abducted one Hindu girl from her house and kept in Haryana for sell, before this he raped her and filmed everything to blackmailed for force conversation and marriage. Girl is later rescued by Jajpur police.

Local Print media on this issue

To save Odisha from radicalized, Islamic extremism and associated terror acts like ongoing Love Jihad is to stop Bengali masson the only solution to strikeout Bangladeshi and Rohingyas and their sympathisers from Odisha otherwise we will pay a heavy amount in future. So to avoid this, state Govt should bring strong law against it.

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