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A gloomy little teen

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Literally speaking, we all know happiness these days is too much temporary. For instance, I get overwhelmed a lot after I get praised for my artwork and photography. But the very next moment maybe, I come thru some video which makes my mood dull. The happiness which retained for that 10mins, maybe just gets so useless after that.

So, what should we do to overcome this? Should we talk to our parents? But no, they will push me back again saying it’s all my adolescence rush which is resulting in such rapid mood swings of mine.  So, I will not prefer to tell that to my parents and keep it within me.

You know, when I was a kid, back in class 5 I am talking about, a little girl who was just discovering the world, I had a habit. Whenever I got money from my ma or my dadu, I used to keep it somewhere where they would never find it. But very obviously, every time I hid it somewhere, I used to forget where I kept it. Losing money back then wasn’t any great sad matter to me. The very next moment I used to get accompanied with something else and forget about the money thing. After a few months, when I used to get the money from where I had hidden it, I used to get how much happy I can’t tell u. The happiness of finding out the money was much more than when I actually got it.

Childhood was fun, isn’t it? I sound a bit heavy maybe. But ya, I am in the last year of my childhood after which no more toys, no more silliness, no more FUN basically. Everything is gonna change. No one would then spare me for doing something kiddush.  Sad of me that I couldn’t even enjoy my last year at school.

Thinking of all this already gives me a migraine. But just now, I just got a 20rs note from my headphone’s box. I don’t know when and why I hid it here. Anyway, this made me smile for a while today. I guess this is what is gonna remain constant in my life forever, even when I lose the kid inside me 🙂

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