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Why Nikita Tomars of Secular nations will become BalikaVadhu?

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Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.

So the question here is how Nikita Tomar is linked to Balika Vadhu?

There has been a loyal audience for a decade of this particular daily soap elaborating the damage of child marriage and why this so-called hindu custom was so bad. Not surprising that a “secular” nation is supposed to hide the reasons behind the practices from the people.

Our culture has had revered the feminine form of godliness for centuries like none and if you look at the explicit, liberal artifacts and sculptures, this does not look like it started as an orthodox society.

As you dig in, you realize these practices of child marriage and ghunghat came up only after Islamic invaders entered the subcontinent and these were meant for defense against radical Islamic rule for survival.

Hindus had to compulsory do ghunghat and restrict movement of women outside homes due to jihadi armies under islamic rule. With ghunghat practice, the women were confined to restrict their movements inside homes so that the jihadi army do not spot them. With child marriage the little girl got security and support of two families and she reproduced in numbers to do fast human replacement in war times with jihadis in battles. This is how hindus survived the Islamic rule. And this was in areas where hindus could still give a fight.

In areas where Hindus couldn’t give a fight and were totally outnumbered, the women used to save their modesty with Sati and Johar. The Johar women especially laid their hand prints on the doors to tell us not to let radicals ever enter your nation.

So whether it be problems of love jihad or crimes like Nikita Tomar’s, it will go on because our syllabus was white washed since beginning right with appointing a Saudi born mulla as our first education minister and so on. In fact most education ministers were left-islamic appointments in the past.

Until we put out loud and clear in public that balika vadhu, ghunghat, johar and sati were defenses created for survival against Islamic jihadis, our daughters will get sacrificed like this again and again.

While it was very fancy to show Balika Vadhu and ghunghat for peddling fake narrative of orthodoxy in Hinduism, hiding true facts about Islamic culture or for fake “bhai bhai” theories are resulting now in heavy costs.

Europe will soon have to start Balika Vadhu and ghunghat within few decades if they wish to survive against jihadis as they are fast approaching a great civil war.

Lets hope they don’t have to go down the path of sati and johar.

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Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.

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